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Come be 100% real with me .There is no judgement here! We will touch base on motherhood, mental health for men and women, lifestyle, beauty and so much more! Follow along and get 100% Real With Courtney!


What will school be like this year?
2020 Sep 1623m 2s
In this episode parents,teachers and students come together to talk about the school year 2020/2021. No matter what your choice is , YOU have made the best choice for YOUR family . I would like to wish everyone a safe school year ! We got this 💪🏻
I am blessed to be Samantha
2020 Jul 2256m 6s
On this episode I bring on Samantha . Samantha has an hearing impairment. We talk about Samantha’a journey . Samantha shares some heart warming stories and gives some pointers on what we can do as humans. Remember to always smile !
Good Moms say BAD Words
2020 Jul 141h 36m 41s
In this episode my cousin Vanessa joins me . We play “would you rather” and hold nothing back . Grab a drink , put your kids to bed and join us
Maddie the Warrior
2020 Jul 071h 30m 26s
Belinda joins us and brings us on her journey into motherhood. We talk about the day the nicu became belinda’s and maddie’s second home . Through laughter and tears Belinda recounts the most critical days of maddie’s life and how maddie became the warrior she is .
Along came Ivo
2020 Jun 3050m 16s
In this episode I bring on Ivo , my husband . We talk about our marriage , parenting and how my postpartum depression affected him .We also talk about his childhood and kill some rumours. Now that you know me , come get to know my other half. Instagram: real.with.courtney
Opening Up With Courtney
2020 Jun 2431m 37s
On episode 7 ,on 100% Real with Courtney, I take you to my backyard and open up a white claw while I answer your questions ! PSA : Do not listen around your kids ! Open up your favourite drink put your feet up and come listen to some embarrassing moments. Love me or Hate me ..this is 100% Real #whiteclaw #truth #funny #realwithcourtney #nutrl
2020 Jun 171h 30m 40s
On this episode my guest Melissa talks about her journey on becoming a Mom. She talks about Gestational Diabetes, miscarriages, experience with her OB-GYN and her beautiful daughter Mia who was born still . Her beautiful rainbow babies also join us! No one should go through this alone . Whether you have been through it, or know someone going through it, know you are not alone. #stillbornisstillborn #realwithcourtney
Class of 2020 , We hear you
2020 Jun 1019m 34s
In this podcast , 14 year old Alyssa joins me . Alyssa talks to me about covid 19 and how it has affected her . We talk graduation , parents , teachers and emotional and mental health. Congratulations to all graduates ! We had some technical difficulties towards the end of the episode but Alyssa did a great job speaking her truth ! #tcdsb #realwithcourtney
Rainbow after the storm
2020 Jun 0351m 29s
In this podcast I interview Cassandra and Nikita . We talk infertility , husbands and children . We hear about Cassandra’s journey , going through infertility before conceiving her rainbow baby . We hear from Nikita about what it is like supporting Cassandra’s journey . It’s raw there is tears and laughter so come listen and get 100% real with us
The one with the kid & The one without
2020 May 2842m 35s
On this podcast we touch on the overall topic of how stress in everyday life, work, relationships and more can effect the one with a kid and the one without a kid EQUALLY. Remember to always be kind and understanding!