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Are you tired of hearing things from an adults perspective in the news? Want to hear what the next generation think instead? You’ll like Interpreteen! It’s informal, yet informative. We are Seraphina, Katy, Jess, and Margot. Every week we took a look at issues in our world, big and small. But we’re on a hiatus as of September 24th 2020 due to school work and life stuff. Don’t lose hope! We’ll be back someday. Promise. :) Want to request topics, or spam us with puns? Email us at interpreteenpodcast@gmail.com with your name, or shoot us a voice message at anchor.fm/interpreteen/message.


Where have we been? - An announcement
2020 Sep 241m 46s
Hey everyone? Where the heck have we been for the last few months? Long story short, we’re in school. We’re working hard. Mostly. And we’ve decided that putting the show on pause is the best thing to do so we can work our way towards decent grades. We’re not cancelling it completely, that’s for sure. One day we’ll pick this back up again. Maybe over Christmas I’ll persuade the group to record a little facts episode for old times sake. But until then, or some other point in the future, we'll leaving a bookmark at the end of the chapter. We'll pick back up where we left off later.
Season 1 Slip Ups!
2020 Jul 087m 18s
Hey everyone! We've come to the end of Season 1. The LGBTQ+ episode is gonna be pushed back for a while because we're on summer break! But don't lose hope; it'll be the first episode out when we're back! From everyone at Hear On Out, thank you for listening. Knowing that someone out there is listening to our rambling on different topics means the world to us. We appreciate every single one of you so much. See you in September.
BLM and the UK's History Curriculum
2020 Jul 019m 53s
Hey everyone! Following up from the BLM announcement we put out earlier this month, we decided to take a look at what Britain is teaching us when it comes to black lives. Turns out there's not a lot. We go into detail further this week!
Black Lives Matter
2020 Jun 053m 22s
No episode this week; tests got the best of us. For now, Seraphina talks about the Black Lives matter movement. We stand together. Ways you can help: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/
2020 May 276m 38s
Hey everyone! This episode is shorter than usual; it's exam week at our school and we're utilising half-term to revise! However, Katy took some time out of her busy schedule to put together an episode to tide you all over the break. Enjoy!
Mental Health Special!
2020 May 2011m 52s
Hey everyone! In support of Mental Health Awareness Week, we're talking about some lesser known mental health topics. No debate this week.
Space Exploration
2020 May 1316m 36s
Hey everyone! With all the chaos happening on Earth right now, let's float away and talk about what's beyond our fragile atmosphere. Stars, galaxies, galaxy clusters, constellations, comets, the heat death of the universe... all that good stuff!
Climate Change: Part 2
2020 May 0817m 15s
Hey everyone! We're talking about Greta Thunberg and Naomi Seibt, the "anti-Greta". An interesting discussion follows, plus a new debate setup, and our very first guest! We hope you enjoy it.
Climate Change: Part 1
2020 Apr 2510m 39s
Hey everyone! Sorry about the delay; we ran into some editing snags. We're talking about climate change, its effects, and some other significant things that can accompany it. Episodes are gonna be a bit scattered here and there so we hope you can appreciate that. In the words of The Good Place... pobody's nerfect!
Social Media
2020 Apr 157m 21s
Hey everyone! Today, we're talking about the wonderful world of social media. There are all kinds of ways to interact with others online and it can be fun,  but also not so fun. We talk about it all this episode.