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Exploring Mental Health through perspectives and experiences. Real people, real stories. Hope, resilience, and inspiration. Interested in participating? Email us at podcast@crisisprepandrecovery.com or leave a message at (602)281-7795.


Episode 22 - Andrew Terech (on the spotlight)
2020 Sep 1421m 19s
Meet Andrew Terech, Vice President of Corporate Compliance and Risk Management at COPA Health, and hear him discuss the extensive behavioral health, medical, and community resource services COPA Health offers and how the focus is on both client and employee wellbeing to ensure the best possible outcomes.COPA health: https://copahealth.orgDon't miss the upcoming COPA Health Virtual Gala on Oct 1, 2020 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm!!
Episode 21- Addie
2020 Sep 0116m 26s
In this episode, Addie discusses her struggles with both mental and physical disabilities and finding the strength to keep fighting every day. Above all, she highlights her wish that people will learn to see others for who they are beyond their physical or mental conditions.
Special Episode- Coping with Covid
2020 Jul 1332m
Living through a global pandemic is not something that most people had planned for, and coping with all the changes and stressors associated with it has not been easy. In this special episode Dr. Weinberg talks about how to prepare yourself mentally to best cope with a changed world.
Episode 20- Amy (on the spotlight)
2020 May 2523m 15s
In this episode the CPR Unplugged team had the opportunity to catch up with CPR's Chief Clinical Officer. Amy talks about her journey in behavioral health and what led her to finding her true passion: Caring for first responders and their families.
Episode 19- Marie
2020 May 1828m 27s
In this episode of CPR unplugged Marie discusses how her own personal struggles motivated her to become a therapist and how her profession helped her realize an universal truth: Nobody is equipped to master all of life's challenges, but there will always be someone out there able to help you overcome them...
Episode 18- Drew (on the spotlight)
2020 May 1118m 27s
In this episode CPR's Deputy CEO, Drew McSherry joins the Podcast team to discuss his professional journey and the fortuitous events that led to his involvement in one of the most successful Behavioral Health companies in Arizona.
Episode 17- Jena
2020 May 0432m 11s
Motherhood is often portrayed in society as a period of joy and happiness, and while that may be true for many, it is also a period of sleep deprivation, major life shifts, and potentially high levels of anxiety and depression. In this episode, Jena talks honestly about her silent struggle with postpartum depression and how reaching out for help allowed her to get back on track, shed unrealistic expectations of motherhood, and learn to enjoy the imperfect happiness that life with a baby can bring along.
Episode 16- Kim DuBois (on the spotlight)
2020 Apr 2725m 23s
Published author and licensed professional counselor Kim DuBois discusses the importance of positive self talk and gives practical examples of how it can make a tremendous impact on our emotional wellbeing and internal experience. Her new book “Find your words, words to transform your life” can be found on Amazon or at her website: https://www.kimberlydubois.com/
Episode 15- Seth
2020 Apr 2024m 55s
When Seth found himself on the brink, facing homeless, addiction, and experiencing a distorted reality as a consequence of substance use, he found the strength to seek help and rebuild his life from the ground up. From finding purpose, to finding faith, to finding a passion for helping others overcome their own addictions in his current job at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, Seth inspires others to overcome...https://www.thehopehouse.com/
Episode 14- I can relate (Judgement)
2020 Apr 1319m 22s
In this episode co-hosts Jess and Laura have a heart to heart about the pitfalls and benefits of a common human tendency, that of judging others...