Positive Power
  • Clara Beth
17 episodes
I'm Clara, a kid that wants to spread kindness through conversation. Remember- you're perfect.


2020 Jul 074m 32s
Thank you!!!!!
2020 Jul 072m 12s
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Be Active
2020 Jul 064m 5s
Be active
Be Active
2020 Jul 064m 5s
be active
My Channel!!!!
2020 Jul 061m 37s
positive power
Be Positive!!
2020 Jul 063m 12s
be positive!!
Message me!!
2020 Jul 062m 51s
message me!!!
Anger Issues
2020 Jul 063m 55s
anger can be good!!
2020 Jul 064m 7s
don't be negative!!!!!
Being Nervous
2020 Jul 063m 41s