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New Music, Influences, And Hip Hop with OTG Landon
2020 Sep 1616m 37s
Landon Barker, AKA, OTG Landon has quite an impressive brand. From music to fashion, Landon has it all. OTG Landon has spent most of 2020 in the studio developing his sound and movement. We sat down with him and got the rundown. Landon is the son of Travis Barker, who is also Landon's co-producer. OTG Landon has a strong passion for music and plans to have 2020-2021 his debut year for new music and content.
5-Octave Vocal Range, Sweden, and 300 Entertainment with Nova Miller
2020 Sep 0827m 26s
Enjoy our exclusive interview with Nova Miller. We chatted about her music career, new and recent music, influences, background, 300 entertainment, and more!  Astrid Fanny Granström, known professionally as Nova Miller, is a Swedish singer, song writer, dancer, actress and multi instrumentalist from Stockholm, Sweden
Viral Rapper, Mental Health, And Punk With Jordan Royale
2020 Sep 0535m 47s
Tune into our interview with viral online rapper, Jordan Royale. We sat down with him and talked about many important topics in music.
Inspiration, New Music, And Meditation with Tillie
2020 Sep 0437m 22s
LA based Tillie, delivers this refreshing anti-pop attitude with a sweet rebel sound. We talked about her latest music, career, touring, meditation, songwriting, Hulu, and virtual concerts.
Suicide Squad 2, BMX, Extreme Sports, And Stunts With Mike Escamilla
2020 Aug 2817m 1s
Mike Escamilla is one of a kind. He is a BMX pro, stuntman and actor who has appeared in major films like Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, Captain Marvel, XXX, and recently Suicide Squad 2.Dive into our exclusive interview as we talk about BMX, family, projects, music, and movies!
Lana Scolaro Talks DJ, Music, Jewelry, And Instagram
2020 Aug 2823m 24s
Featured on Forbes and Daily Mail, Lana Scolaro was the original member of "Rich Kids of Instagram". Besides traveling the world, she then pursed a full time career in music and DJ, and launched her own jewelry line LSD Diamonds. For each piece sold, the company donates a percentage to support children of warfare in Africa through WarChild.org. Along with her sister, Stephanie Scolaro, she developed a photo app called “Do a Wilson.” And above all, the ambitious young woman has spent the last two years pursuing and launching a successful career as a DJ, music producer, and rapper/songwriter.  “There is nothing better than producing your own music for fun in your bedroom and then having it heard live by thousands of people,” says Scolaro, who landed gigs at Soho House and 1Hotel Rooftop Miami before getting hired for her first “big gig” during Ultra Miami with Bob Sinclair at Mynt Club. She has since DJ’d in renowned venues across the world, from New York, Texas, Las Vegas, and LA to London, Paris, Ibiza, and Mykonos. In addition, she has performed her own songs at Road to Nowhere Festival in Texas and the Creamfields Festival.
BMX, Broken Bones, And Punk Rock with Rick Thorne
2020 Aug 2143m 44s
Dive into our exclusive interview with Rick Thorne. This BMX pro has been through it all. From broken bones to forming a band, dive into the story of Rick Thorne.   Rick Thorne is a top athlete in the BMX world , like Mat Hoffman. He is featured in Tony Hawk's American Wasterland . He created his music group, Good guy In Black. It is sponsored by Monster energy .
Jehry Robinson Talks New Album, Social Media, And Strange Music
2020 Aug 2058m 46s
From being a New York stock broker, to becoming a rapper and singing to one of the biggest independent record labels in the world... Strange Music, Jehry Robinson explains his musical journey.
Keep Your Circle Small, And Know Your Net-worth With Ponce De' Leioun
2020 Aug 1427m 11s
Check out our exclusive interview with Phoenix based rapper, Ponce De' Leioun. We chat about music, his career, his love for the UK, and new age hip-hop.
Mackenzie Nicole Talks Music Influences, Mental Health, And The Music Industry
2020 Aug 0455m 51s
Dive into our exclusive interview with Mackenzie Nicole on Strange Music. She talks about her latest album "Mystic" her struggles with mental health, the music industry, being raised by her dad Travis O' Guinn, CEO of Strange Music.   Pop singer Mackenzie Nicole made her debut in 2015 on Tech N9ne's collaboration album Strangeulation, Vol. 2 with their song "Actin Like You Know." Although it was her first release, the Kansas City teenager was no stranger to the business: her father, Travis O'Guin, co-founded Strange Music, an indie label specializing in hardcore rap, in 1999 with none other than Tech N9ne himself. The track was later released as a Mackenzie Nicole standalone single -- removing Tech's verse -- as the singer entered the studio to begin recording her debut album. In 2017, Nicole appeared on a trio of tracks on the seventh Tech N9ne Collabos effort, Dominion, scoring a headlining slot on the song "Take You Down." Late 2017 and early 2018 saw the releases of the singles "Anxious" and "Burn" ahead of the arrival of the full-length The Edge, which was issued later that spring. Early the following year, she issued "Complications," a non-album single that detailed the emotional turmoil she experienced in the wake of The Edge. She decided to shine a light on mental health struggles with follow-up album, Mystic. Split into three conceptual chapters, the LP arrived in February 2020 and featured the single "Heart of Darkness."