Muckey Landing
  • Mucked Up Productions
9 episodes
Welcome to Muckey Landing, Delaware, a place mostly known for being not too far from someplace you’d rather be. While you’re here, stop by the Muckey Landing Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium at the corner of St. Jones and Broad, and say hi to Virgil and Harmon. If it’s Tuesday, try Harmon’s bologna special.


S1B6 - Doral Names Names
2020 Aug 1615m 32s
Harmon does battle with a batch of sticky buns, Virgil spars with his old nemesis Doral when she calls the store asking for Harmon, Harmon and Doral get personal, and embarrassing secrets are revealed.
S1B5 - Blame It On the Swedes
2020 Jul 2418m 7s
Harmon drops the tape recorder in the kitchen and breaks it, but assures Virgil that he’s fixed it. The guys go on to record a sincere but fairly dubious history of Muckey Landing and the state of Delaware touching on pirate ships, casinos, and Natalie Wood. At least, they think they do. We listen as Mitch Pohunk broadcasts the unfortunate result on the radio.
S1B4 - Mysteries of the Interwebs
2020 May 209m 58s
Still quarantined, Virgil attempts yet again to make a serious recording, this time highlighting the travails of Muckey Landing business owners, but has to reckon with Harmon, who has just gotten a new smartphone.frh8xix5mGe6p3J11O84
S1B3 - You Know Joe...
2020 May 0110m 33s
Still quarantined, Virgil attempts to forge ahead with recording a history of Muckey Landing for Mitch Pohunk to play on the radio, while Harmon is getting tired of Joe Biden constantly calling him up to talk about nothing.
S1B2 - Advise and Dissent
2020 Apr 168m 23s
With the town of Muckey Landing still in quarantine, Virgil and Harmon discuss what they want to discuss without coming to much of a conclusion.
Muckey Landing: Sort of a Public Service Announcement S1B1
2020 Apr 098m 39s
Virgil Slatter and Harmon Truesdale, co-owners of the Muckey Landing Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium, attempt to advise you about staying safe while shopping at their store. Muckey Landing: sort of like Lum and Abner, but with profanity.
S1E2 The Late, Late Harmon Truesdale
2020 Mar 2934m 2s
Virgil tries not to lose his temper about Harmon being late for work every morning, to disastrous effect. Salesman Dickie Butz stops in and sells Virgil some highly effective merchandise from Japan.
S1E1 - Virgil Gets A Dog
2020 Mar 1434m 2s
We meet Virgil Slatter and Harmon Truesdale, proprietors of the Muckey Landing Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium. Virgil adopts Aloysius, the world’s ugliest dog. Local artist Myrtle Myrkle invites Harmon to dinner, and Police Chief Neville Chief shares conspiracy theories about the fire at the DuPlant chicken nugget plant.
Introducing Muckey Landing
2020 Feb 021m 34s
Let Virgil Slatter, co-owner of the Muckey Landing Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium, introduce you to a few of the quirky inhabitants of his sleepy little hometown.Muckey Landing — a scripted comedy podcast. Not as sleepy as it looks.