• Akshay Paraikkal
9 episodes
I'm Gonna whine about stuff....... or not... Come and hear me ramble mamble tamble and this is definitely a gamble.


Ramble on!!
2020 Apr 119m 4s
Spot the mathematical error in this episode...
random ramble
2020 Apr 059m 52s
sorry for the bad audio
Riding my sleep cycle on a rough Terrain
2020 Apr 058m 54s
Current Lockdown because of the pandemic has screwed up my sleep cycle and in this episode, I whine about it as usual!
Greater of the suckisodes (sorry for the bad audio)
2020 Apr 0310m 56s
Audio gets better after first few minutes
Control your fear!
2020 Apr 039m 50s
you can still find some nervousness driven mistakes, but a better take.
I did a screw up in this episode
2020 Apr 019m 56s
I said 'fear gets me' instead of 'fear gets to me'. I'll ramble on about this in my next episode...
I used to play pro!
2020 Mar 3114m 46s
new drinking game, take a shot every time I say "you know"!
Will get there!
2020 Mar 3111m 43s
Talking about social distancing experience at the time of this outbreak!
fresh start
2020 Mar 299m 39s
I'm rebooting this series and this is where I start!