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We investigate the paranormal on an every-other-week basis and laugh in its stupid face.


The Prophet of Tippecanoe
2020 Sep 1429m 27s
This week we come back from our COVID quarantine and head out to everyone’s favorite town to hate in Indiana: Lafayette. Just outside of town we stumble across Tippecanoe and the mysterious rock once used by an indigenous prophet Tenskwatawa, who, going against his brother Tecumseh’s wishes, fought against the Indiana Territorial governor William Henry Harrison. It’s a history-heavy episode as we trek across the wilderness in search of the spirit of Tenskwatawa. So do we find him? Or is he Simply Gone?
Mysterious Deaths at Avon Bridge
2020 Aug 2523m 17s
A man vanishes during construction of a bridge. Could his coworkers have murdered him and hidden his body within the concrete? What about the woman and her baby who died while crossing the bridge in hopes of finding a cure for a mysterious illness? And what about the one-way ticket to Hell if a train derails? And did a hiker die while we recorded this very episode? Maybe. Or maybe he is just Simply Gone.
The Headless Ghost of Tunnelton
2020 Aug 1145m 45s
Headless ghost? Downed trees? Unrequited love? Washed out and broken roads? Catch wrestling? My children talking in the background while we’re recording? It’s all in this episode of Simply Gone. Also, find out how to win one of our shirts this week at the end of the episode!
Oxford Ghoul Snake
2020 Jul 2724m 10s
This week we head to Oxford (no not that one) to chase the ghoul snake haunting the cemetery in this tiny town. Along the way we run into an old Civil War ghost, discover what donuts and dead bodies have in common, and act like hobos on train tracks. So is the Ghoul Snake real? Or are all the bodies from the cemetery Simply Gone?
The Ghosts of Gravity Hill
2020 Jul 2122m 24s
This week things get crazy as we find our car stalled in the middle of the road. Traffic is heavy and we find ourselves vulnerable to being victims of an accident. But what’s that? Does our car start moving on its own? Could it be steroid-filled ghosts? Alien tractor-beams? Or could it be something even more sinister? Join us this week to find out out on Simply Gone.
Ashmore Estates
2020 Jul 1541m 28s
This week, we visit Ashmore Estates in Illinois. Is there a one-armed ghost who beats you with its prosthetic arm? Black plumes of smoke? A lying liar who made up the ghost stories? Join us and find out.
Cry Woman Bridge
2020 Jun 2927m 12s
Guess what? Another bridge. This one haunted by a broke-neck witch and her creepy baby. We do everything we can to bring her into the light and confront her over her murderous ways, but are successful? Or is she Simply Gone?
Troll Bridge
2020 Jun 1532m 45s
A Scottish re-enactment of a fight with a troll, valley girls in the Midwest, Ouija boards, and human accordions. We pull out all the stops to reach the Troll of Troll Bridge in Indiana for this episode.
The Harmonica Ghost of Paul Ruster Park
2020 Jun 0821m 39s
Have you ever heard a ghostly harmonica playing in the night? What about a harmonica being played by a train smashing the person holding it? This week, we take on a harmonica-playing ghost and challenge it to a rap battle for the right to haunt Paul Ruster Park as the supreme harmonica master. But do we win, or are our harmonica skills Simply Gone?
The Three Ghosts of Spooky Hollow
2020 May 2533m 46s
Commiskey, Indiana is home to a beautiful covered bridge and three tragic deaths. Between ghost condoms, Newsies, and interracial marriage in a less-than-progressive community, it was only a matter of time before tragedy struck. But are the ghosts active? Or , like the condoms, are they Simply Gone?