How The Hell Did We Get Here?
  • Plug Your Holes
9 episodes
The crew at your favorite brand crack open some beers and dig into the happenings of the world around them. Led by Sam Dean the gang talks news, sports, music and more while occasionally reaching out to one of their favorite bands for a harassing phone call.


06: To Game, Or Not To Game?
2020 Sep 231h 20m 42s
What console will reign supreme: Xbox or Playstation? Are video games worth the time? Is 5G really going to change everything? What the heck is Starlink? Is the rent too damn high? The gang talks about all that and more this week. Stay a while and listen!
05: Tesla Is For The Children
2020 Sep 151h 9m 36s
Why does Sam Dean love Tesla so much? Should you be paying attention? What do they offer beyond cool wing doors? The gang talks about all that and more this week. Stay a while and listen!
04 : Aliens, Conspiracies and the Simulation
2020 Sep 101h 5m 44s
Are aliens real? What about the strange objects spotted by the Navy? Are we even really alive? 4 opinions that vary widely and run the spectrum. Come join, and let's figure out how the hell we got here!
03 : Winter Came with @boatss of The #ASSJAMZ Podcast
2020 Sep 021h 50m 19s
Our good friend @boatss of The #ASSJAMZ Podcast (@assjamzpod) joins for a jovial conversation about Ai, video games, and cultural appropriation. What's not to love?
01 : How the Hell?
2020 Aug 181h 8m 25s
A question that we often ask ourselves as our conversations lead down the many pathways and foot trails that the mind offers up. This is a quickly thrown together first episode of HTHDWGH with Joe and Sam. We talk at length about how the virus has been effecting the business and people at Plug Your Holes, and ride that pony down a rabbit trail of conversation. Please let us know what you think!
Aug 2 2018 - Summer Releases and Monster Sales
2018 Aug 0224m 19s
We talk about our favorite records of the summer and call our 3rd favorite Brett to get his take on the records and festivals that are coming up and burning out.
PYH Weekly Round Up - 001
2018 Jun 0153m 14s
Sam, Matt, Andy & Joe talk about Hockey, Basketball, Deadpool, Rosanne, Drake fued, Warped Tour and more. Buckle Up Buckaroos. It's time for the Weekly Round Up!
Tent Talk 002
2018 May 3011m 1s
Sam and Andy continue making Warped Tour 2018 predictions and talk about the new warehouse.
Tent Talk 001
2018 May 3020m 27s
In the first episode Matt and Sam sit down and talk about their 2018 Warped Tour Predictions. Will they be correct?