Just Do You With Lisa
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I once had a boss tell me I should have my own reality show. So I guess this is kinda it! As a nail tech and former restaurant server, I love connecting with others and sharing life experiences. You will get a glimpse of all the things that make me, me. My love for writing, storytelling, books, music, travel. You'll hear of my overcoming hardships and the lessons I’ve learned on this journey called life. Just me, telling my truths. Whether my stories make you laugh or cry, I hope that it helps you find the courage and inspiration to JUST DO YOU. ~~ Ps. Sorry in advance for the curse words.


Ep.3. JDY: My Personal Experiences With Race And Racism
2020 Jun 076m 24s
Episode 3:Considering the state of the world's current affairs, it is impossible to ignore the fact that racism exists. For so long, I have walked through life wearing rose-coloured glasses unaware of the privileged life I live. It's time to do better,
Ep.2. JDY: "Just Do You" And The Summer That Changed My Life
2020 May 2415m 15s
Episode 2: "Just do you" is more than just a saying to me. These three words have played a very significant role in who I am today. So much so, that I have them ink permanently on me. Find out about the phrase and the summer that turned my life around.
Ep.1. JDY: Who Is Lisa?
2020 May 208m 15s
Episode 1: I will be giving you a quick rundown of my life and I'll talk about how my wanting to write a book has led me to starting a podcast. Honest, raw, and little bit of cursing.
TRAILER: Just Do You With Lisa
2020 May 151m 13s
Allow me to share with you my experiences on this journey we call life - all the ups, downs, and everything in between. And may you be inspired to JUST DO YOU. ~~ Follow instagram.com/justdoyouwithlisa for more inspirational content.