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Feeling scattered and overwhelmed? Feel like your mind is running with 50 tabs open leaving you mentally exhausted and feeling inadequate? Maybe you have so many passions and ideas that you find it difficult to be truly present, opening the door of mom guilt? You don’t know where to start so you disengage all together and it leaves you feeling depleted. If that is you then this is the place for you to fill that cup sister friend! Welcome to Multipassionate Mompreneur. Here, we free ourselves from the chaos and embrace our strengths through self discovery (enneagram etc) to move toward the compelled business women we were meant to be.It’s time to finally take our power back and gain that follow through that we’ve been desperately needing, while also learning to leave the swirl behind. Hi, I’m Angel McElhaney and after losing my mom when she was just 48 I realized that time was fleeting and that it was time to start living and do more of what you love.


// Is your freebie or lead magnet a dud? How to rework an opt in that converts -Work with me Wednesday
2020 Sep 1733m 38s
What is a freebie or lead magnet and why do I need one?A freebie or lead magnet or opt in is a way for people to get on your email list.  This is a way for them to get to know you and what you do and also for you to communicate when you release something that would help them, as well as a way for you to develop a two sided dialogue that could help with market research so you know what to create.  In short, this is an awesome way for you to serve and solve for free so that you can sell later when appropriate.  Already have a freebie? 3 reasons why it may not be working1.) Content- Is your content for the freebie speaking to the biggest pain point that she has?  Is the language in the copy words that she uses?  You can utilize market research questions in other groups that you person hangs out to learn this language or some of my engagement tips found in the facebook group, my 6 categories to post to boost your engagement in 30 days freebie or in your own DMs. 2.) Title- Is your title juice?  A clickable title will be something that hooks you in.  Sometimes it's useful to put it as a question or a number of ways to do something or go back to that language and get those keywords in the title.  Is the promise clear and specific?  Sometimes it's just too big of a compilation of things versus speaking to one clear solution or promise. 3.) Distribution-  Are you promoting your freebie?   Add it to your files in your facebook group and then make sure that you have membership questions when you enter the group.  This will also attract her to your group. Promote the results from your freebie, show it being used in your stories if possible, and do this often.  We think that people are seeing our stuff, but it's just not the case.   Also, go to other groups and drop your freebie in freebie friday posts, ask questions that show you your person, ask an admin if you can share it or even dm people that you know could benefit and tell them you think it could help them.   In this episode we brainstorm coach and mentor Michelle Porterfield of Set free Sisterhood Podcast.  We also talk about how to use her freebie to get her audience a quick win, build trust and belief that they can take a break from alcohol in her Ditch the Wine Witch challenge coming next month.  Have you considered taking a break from alcohol and want support?  Check out her podcast and fb group too.
// 3 MUST HAVE categories for showing up with authenticity on INSTAGRAM
2020 Sep 1727m 49s
Ready to show up real and authentic on instagram?  Today's interview is with instagram and branding coach Allison Scholes and she schools us on the 3 MUST HAVES to showing up authentically on INSTAGRAM. What is your main goal for instagram? Instagram is not the place to focus on sales.  Think of it as a boat and nurture the people who are on your boat.  Clarity in messaging will attract your ideal people on your boat.  How to make a clear brand message?Make a Instagram bio by making it about them and have clarity on who they help.  What does your ideal audience need to solve their problems 3 categories of what to post on instagram1.) Relatable - Be real and vulnerable.  Show your family and show your mess.  Transparency and trust make people relate to you. 2.) Educational- Teach them something!3.) Entertain- Have fun.  Share funny stuff, be silly, and entertain your audience so that they want to show tune in. Should I use the feed, IG stories, IG Reels or IGTV?The feed is where people get to KNOW you, stories is where they start to LIKE you and IGTV is where they start to TRUST you and build authority as an expert.  Reels are meant to be fun, but can entertain as well. Want to learn more about instagram?  Check out Allison's podcast Social Media for mompreneurs and her instagram @allisonscholes.  Come over to Multipassionate Mompreneur and get the support that you need to get into action or let's connect on social!Let’s Connect!Learn–> www.angelmcelhaney.comConnect –> info@angelmcelhaney.comJoin the Sisterhood —>Multipassionate Mompreneur FB communityWork with Angel–> FB GROUP CONNECTION PLAN
// Ready to Create a Course? 3 Steps to get Your First Module Done!
2020 Sep 0911m 4s
How to know if you are ready to create a course?Are you constantly asked the same things? Do you have a system that you can record and teach to package up your process?  If this is the case you are ready? Where do I begin?Step 1:I recommend going to  Mindmeister  and brain dumping all of your ideas, steps and then look at what is essential to your process. A good rule of thumb is to have about 6 modules for a signature course or 3 or so for a mini course. Within the course it’s a good idea to try and keep it to 6 lessons or so and not overwhelm people with length either by keeping it around 6 x 6 x 6.  I saw this in something by Grace Lever and it made total sense. What should my course be on?As much as I like the feel good emotional stuff of mindset, happiness and the like I want you to make your course focused on the outcome you can measure.  While mindset can be a module it shouldn’t be the whole takeaway in my opinion. For instance, my course I’m working on has emotional links for sure.  It’s about connection and community and collaboration and building trust.. but how can I measure that? I’m measuring this with fb engagement.  People will be able to get a plan, follow it and build engagement that they will are in their insights and even leads that they generate later when they are through solving her problems. Step 2:Build an outline using whatever you like, I recommend Canva. I love the look of Canva and I bet you will too! I’m including modules on how to use Canva in my course by the way! If you want on the waiting list message me at or shoot me a Dm in social media on fb or Instagram @angel.mcelhaney. Step 3: Go to loom.Look allows you record videos, organize them in folders and I especially like it over because I can trim the videos easily which can’t do in zoom.  Click record then open up your presentation on Canva and start your module.  Forget the fluff and get straight to the point. Remember they can come to your podcast, YouTube channel or blog to get your long form content and this course is meant for them to get what to do so they can get the result.  Make this efficient.Step 4: Upload to your course platform of choice. I went with podia because it was comparable to teachable and thinkific, but with no transaction fees and I liked that it allowed the ability to sell digital downloads and even offers membership sure option if I ever wanted to use that. Interested in podia too? Click here For my referral link. I can’t wait to see what you create! The world needs what you have and why not package it up as a passive product and save time for what matters most to you?! Come over to Multipassionate Mompreneur and get the support that you need to get into action. Let’s Connect!Learn–> www.angelmcelhaney.comConnect –> info@angelmcelhaney.comJoin the Sisterhood —>Multipassionate Mompreneur FB communityWork with Angel–> FB GROUP CONNECTION PLAN
// Need Motivation? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Learn Your Tendency
2020 Sep 0711m 2s
Have you been trying to meet a goal and feel like you can’t make yourself do it? Hmm.. I wonder if you are a rebel like me! Take the quiz at To find out which one you are.  What are the 4 tendencies?The 4 tendencies was developed by Gretchen Rubin and helps to know how you tend to respond to expectations.  The 4 tendencies are Rebel, Obliged, Upholder and Questioner. How do the 4 tendencies respond to expectations and what are the 4 questions to ask yourself to find out which sounds like you?  Rebel  -resists inner and outer expectations and wakes up saying “what do I want to do today?”  A rebels strategy for meeting a goal and staying motivated is going to be Identity.  This is what I am. Come over to Multipassionate Mompreneur fb community or find me on Instagram and let me know what you are and if you want to join our #virtualwalk then shoot me a voice DM! Obliger- meets outer expectations and resists inner expectations. The question they wake up saying is “what do I have to do today?”  If this sounds like you then your strategy for staying motivation is going to be accountability. Upholder- meets outer expectations and meets inner expectations. An upholder asks themself “what do others expect from me and what do I expect of myself?  The strategy for motivation for an upholder is going to be scheduling.  Questioner- resists outer expectations, but meets inner expectations.  A questioner asks themself “what do I think I should do according to my judgement?”  Their strategy for staying motivated is going to be clarity on why. Which sounds like you? Let’s Connect!Learn–> www.angelmcelhaney.comConnect –> info@angelmcelhaney.comJoin the Sisterhood —>Multipassionate Mompreneur FB communityWork with Angel–> FB GROUP CONNECTION PLAN
// Focus on this ONE THING and you'll be a success! Plus 5 CORE DOMAINS that drive motivation and how to use them in your Facebook groups
2020 Sep 0319m 16s
By now we all know that once you complete one thing there is always another when it comes to business and mom life, but what if you could have this ONE THING at the core of what you do that could help you succeed in all the things.  Yes, I'm talking about the thing that is critical to a successful business, motherhood, and marriage on today's podcast episode on Multipassionate Mompreneur. What is the ONE THING you need to succeed? The one thing we need to succeed is Connection.  In the book, "Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect" we learn that from award-winning neurologist Matthew Lieberman on how social interaction and connection to others is more valuable than money and other extrinsic motivators.  It's no new news that social interaction is important and we know that we are social creatures, but did you know this social aspect can relieve physical pain?  As humans, we want to move from pain and towards pleasure so understanding this could help us to provide insight on how we run our businesses and validate the time inputted to connecting with people.  Why is this information useful for online marketers?Knowing who you are serving and knowing their motivations is essential to generating leads and making sells, but it also will help you to make lasting connections in collaboration and growth as an entrepreneur.  I believe that connection to yourself, others and God are the foundations on which we can feel centered and happier overall.  What is that is the SCARF MODEL?The S.C.A.R.F motivation model is an easy way to remember the five major domains across which people are making assessments as to whether something is moving them closer to pleasure or to "good" stimuli or way from threats or "bad" stimuli.   This model was developed by David Rock and is a brain-based model that is used as a tool to help people work effectively with one another and collaborate.  The acronym "SCARF" stands for status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness, and fairness.How can I use this in building a community that drives motivation to engage?Status- Relative importance to others    Ex: this can show up in a facebook group as edifying and empowering people.  Show them that you see their contribution to the community and have value.  Ask them to go live in your community, to share their experiences and even to have a role as a moderator to help others in the group.   Also, you can ask their opinions on things in your life and business and value their opinions with polls.Certainty- concerns being able to predict future outcomesEx:  People want to envision the future outcomes of working with you, participating in the group etc.  This is one reason why testimonies are amazing for Facebook groups.  This could also be fostered by you showing for certain that you are going to show up and build on the certainty of what to expect in the group with it being super clear in the title, description, and content on what the group is used for. Autonomy-  provides a sense of control over events.  Ex: People want to feel like they have control on what could happen in their lives.  In a facebook group this motivator could be fostered by doing a group challenge with a small win to show them that they can do it.  This builds confidence and autonomy and allows them to go more "all in" with you, because they can see how they can control and change their lives.  Relatedness- sense of safety with others-able to decide if you are a friend or foe. Ex: Be vulnerable.  This could look like showing something that you messed up on or a time where you felt unsure or less of an expert.  This could even be showing behind the scenes and those less than perfect life moments.  The perfect place for this is IG stories to me, but can be done in Facebook groups in the forms of Facebook lives, posts, and showing up authentically. Fairness- The need for justice and honoring right vs. wrong and fair exchanges among others. Ex: Set rules and stick to them in your group.  Don't allow someone to share and promote and not others.  Show the process for how to winners of giveaways are decided by either using the Facebook insights that show you the most engaged people or by showing a video of the winner being called in a random name generator tool.   Status, relatedness, and fairness are more "social" in their applications to me but I felt it important to make sure you were aware of them all.  I'm sure you have seen where starting small with a little win to build autonomy with a client to build their confidence has impacted their motivation to even try though right?  This core factor could be huge in getting your clients to try and the certainty factor is them being able to envision the future which is huge in this too.   Human behavior is driven by these factors so use them in your life and business and prioritize connection and engagement.  Facebook Engagement AcceleratorNow you know why we should care about connection and engagement in our businesses and life.  So now what?  If you want to foster a community around these five domains and a plan and strategy to connect, nurture and generate leads using Facebook then shoot me a DM on facebook or instagram and get on the waitlist for extra bonuses on my upcoming course.  Need energy? Check out my free enneagram energy guide here :FREE ENNEAGRAM ENERGY GUIDE or check out my instagram bio for the freebie as wellLet’s Connect!Learn–> www.angelmcelhaney.comConnect –> info@angelmcelhaney.comJoin the Sisterhood —>Multipassionate Mompreneur FB communityWork with Angel–> FB GROUP CONNECTION PLAN
//Ready to Make Money? How to Use FB Group Challenges to Build Trust and Explode Sales
2020 Aug 2739m 27s
What is Facebook Group Challenge?A Facebook challenge typically happens in a pop-up Facebook group or in your own group.  The idea of a Facebook challenge is to build trust, serve and give your audience a quick win or taste of what they will get to work with you, buy your course etc.  Facebook Challenge groups can be great if you have an existing product or service or you want to use the group to fine tune content for an upcoming course or product. Why should I have a Facebook Group Challenge?Facebook Group Challenges build know, like and trust factor.  They build a container for quick wins and connection.  During the challenge you can learn more about what your avatar needs to solve their problems and build community that they don't want to end. Jess WinnettToday's interview is with Jess Winnett who is a mom of 4, wife, and entrepreneur who coaches mompreneurs.  She helps them to launch and build minimalistic and profitable online businesses.  She has a passion for seeing women step fully into their passion and purpose without sacrificing what matters most to them. Tips for A Successful Facebook Challenge1.) Know your WhoYou have to talk to one specific person when you run your challenge.  This person can be different in each Facebook challenge but needs to be super niched down for the challenge to attract your ideal audience.  In your messenging speak to the the pain points of your audience's problem using their language.  You can discover their language by doing market research in other facebook groups, get into the DMs of your audience.  2.) Know your PromiseKnowing the quick win that you will give your audience will give a clear purpose for the challenge.  If you make the content too much in the group then you may overwhelm your audience and they won't get to the output part of the challenge.  Ask yourself "What is the big result they will get from the facebook challenge group?"How to Fill A Facebook Group Challenge?Jess Winnett has had some of the most engaged facebook group challenges that I've ever seen.  As most of you know by now from listening to my podcast here engagement is connection and that's what matters in online marketing over followers, friends, or members in our group so I interviewed her on today's podcast to get you all the deets! Time vs. MoneyYou have a choice, would you like to spend time or money to promote your facebook group challenge?Do you want to spend some time promoting your Facebook Group Challenge on guest spots on podcasts, Facebook lives, Facebook Groups, IG stories, and emails or do you want to spend money on cold market Facebook ads?  I prefer cultivating a warm market with engagement and connection, but the choice is yours. Which would you choose?3 Things to Think about when it comes to Facebook Group ChallengesPre-challenge-Open your group about 5-7 days before the group starts.  I recommend taking into account cycle syncing so that you will feel energized.  Find out more about this here.  Post a video explaining your giveaway (Jess recommends doing a giveaway for the most engaged) and also do a pre-challenge (Jess usually has a prize for the first 5 to do the pre-challenge).  The pre-challenge is typically going life saying something about themselves or what they expect from the challenge etc.  Challenge- Decide how long your challenge will be and when it will happen.  Jess does her challenges on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and gives them Sunday to catch up and then Finishes up on Monday and Tuesday.   She goes live on zoom and shares it into the group and records it and offers the recordings later for a low point offer of $27.  She also does an optional add on of implementation with her challengers with a low point offer in the challenge that they can add on.  She shares this into the group with others to see and hear and I believe this helps to build connection and for people to see the results.  During these sessions she talks with her clients that opted into the add on and they apply the teaching from the day or discuss how to apply it.  Create a few PDFs to help your facebook group challengers to apply the information from the facebook live. Post Challenge- Don't leave the trainings up forever no matter where you do the group.  If it's in a pop up or in your facebook group they need to feel the urgency of being on facebook live, doing the work in the moment etc or they will save it for later.  Jess goes on Facebook Lives for an additional free training or Q and A after presenting her offer on day 5.  After the challenge she leaves the pop up group up, but deletes the videos.  If you do this challenge again you can do it in this same pop up, but redo the videos each time.  Should I do a pop up or my group?Jess prefers pop ups because it is the person entering the group raising their hand to be "in" the challenge.  This commitment in the group ensures that you have more engaged people in the group and that they want to be there.  She also says that Facebook will prioritize new Facebook groups content and will more readily show notifications of a new group to its members.Connect with Jess on facebook or instagram and check out her next challenge or come over to instagram or facebook and tell me about your next facebook group challenge. Know you need social media to grow your audience or find your superfans, but don’t know what to post? Check out my 6 categories to BOOST engagement in 30 days or less FREE GUIDENeed energy? Check out my free enneagram energy guide here :FREE ENNEAGRAM ENERGY GUIDE or check out my instagram bio for the freebie as wellLet’s Connect!Learn–> www.angelmcelhaney.comConnect –> info@angelmcelhaney.comJoin the Sisterhood —>Multipassionate Mompreneur FB communityWork with Angel–> FB GROUP CONNECTION PLAN
// How to become a Virtual Assistant and 3 Things to do to Start Making Money at Home NOW!!
2020 Aug 2029m 24s
In today's podcast episode we talked with Jacqueline Howard of the Optimize to scale podcast.  She is an executive virtual assistant who now helps other moms become virtual assistants and make money online while at home.  You can connect with Jacqueline at her email here or on her website hereWhat are you naturally good at? Ask yourself this question and do an inventory on what your skill set is and what comes naturally to you.  Chances are that the things that come naturally to you seem too easy and you probably are amazed that someone wouldn't be able to do them on their own.    It's important that you make it focused on your skills so that you can be successful in making money at home and that you won't have to have a huge learning curve.  Jacqueline mentions having a quick win built in as you step out as a virtual business and this will make it easier and your work, or social proof that comes from putting yourself out there, will be better.  What are your daily standards?What are your core values that you want to keep a priority?  It's important that you be realistic as you gauge how much time tasks will take you and how much time you have or are willing to trade to make money at home.  Do you want to first be an excellent wife and mother?  This can also help you with deciding pricing as you grow and avoid burn out.   3 Things to do to start making money now as a virtual assistant1.) Get LegalYes this part is scary and it's stepping out and declaring that you are doing the thing!  We recommend that you resist the overanalyzing that often turns into imposter syndrome and then ends in analysis paralysis and instead start with your name.  Although Jacqueline says that you can do multiple things as a virtual assistant, which yes it makes my multi passionate mompreneur heart happy haha, you don't have to do it all at once.Find out what your state requires to do a sole proprietorship or LLC.  We aren't lawyers and can't give legal advice, but a quick google search will put you on the right track.  In short, LLC protects your assets and divides your business and personal, whereas a sole proprietorship is lumped together. Don't get lost in the weeds with this though, depending on your state many times this is super simple.  Through the state website you can get the EIN number that you need.  Another thing that Jacqueline recommends is a separate account set up, a P.O Box at your local post office if you want to be able to keep your address off of emails and things and any contracts or licenses for your particular business. 2.) Get visiblePick a platform like facebook, linked or instagram and get yourself out there.  Network in facebook groups, serve and solve for your avatar and look at job opportunities that you are qualified for.  Don't get lost in the back office stuff and work on making content for your ideal client 60% of the time to show your knowledge and leverage the authority and expertise that you have.  3.) Social ProofSocial proof is a fancy way of saying start the doing part of this.  Get yourself some clients by asking questions like " when it comes to ________ what do you struggle with most."  Save these posts in your phone, learn the language, struggles and hopefully solutions for your avatar that will make it a no brainer for them to work for you. In short, show what you know and build social proof and remember to ask for referrals, reviews and keep customer service paramount. Know you need social media to grow your audience or find your superfans, but don't know what to post? Check out my 6 categories to BOOST engagement in 30 days or less FREE GUIDENeed energy? Check out my free enneagram energy guide here :FREE ENNEAGRAM ENERGY GUIDE or check out my instagram bio for the freebie as wellLet's Connect!Learn--> www.angelmcelhaney.comConnect --> info@angelmcelhaney.comJoin the Sisterhood --->Multipassionate Mompreneur FB communityWork with Angel--> FB GROUP CONNECTION PLAN
// Facebook lives freak you out? 3 MUST HAVE tips to showing up on video
2020 Aug 1330m 42s
Does the idea of going live on facebook, IG stories or the new IG Reels freak you out?  Today I talk with Virginia Kerr, video and marketing coach and strategist and we talk about the 3 must have tips for showing up on video to build trust in your business. 3 MUST HAVES before you start and to jot down on a post it before you start!1.) HOOK2.) 3-5 BULLET POINTS TO TALK ABOUT3.) CALL TO ACTIONWhy video?Going face to camera builds trust with your audience and increases the know, like and trust factor that makes them feel like they know you.  Are you more likely to buy from a friend?  Of course, you are.Storytelling on videoStories matter and allow people to connect.  If you can identify the superpower in your story then you can connect more deeply with your audience and find your gift to help other people with your story and gifts. Confidence comes with Repetitive PracticeJust start and practice will make you more comfortable.  If you feel more confident putting on make up then that's great, but people love looking at the raw and vulnerability of IG stories because it's showing the real you.  Be seen as a resourceShare something that you DON'T sell and recommend in your stories once a day.  This will help you to be seen as a resource and not like a salesman.  You can talk about your product with confidence, but find a happy medium and recommend other things that you don't sell, but they could benefit from it. Where should I start if I'm afraid of video?Start with IG stories face to camera.  It's only 15 second clips that you can use filters and stickers and GIFs to make it fun or even questions and tips that you can offer.  You have the ability to delete a story if you mess up, and knowing that it's only out there for 24 hours helps you to feel more comfortable sharing. Why would people care to watch my video?  Who would watch this?People need and crave connection.  They want to be entertained, learn free tips, and feel connected to you. Do's and Don't of Facebook LivesDon't do this on videoDon't introduce yourself on the videoDon't wait for people to join your LIVES before you start. Don't say "Happy Friday, or other greetings" DO this on videoDO start with a hook right away (Ex: 3 must have tips to help you show up on video)DO have high energy and be excited. DO talk directly to your avatar.  Assume they know you and are consuming your content.DO include a Call to Action at the end. Do you want her to answer a pollDO be prepared.  Know your hook, an outline of what you want to share and the call to action.DO ask them to do things so that they will comment and answer you.  This ups your engagement and boosts your posts.  This makes it a two way conversation and market research. You can get market research. go into the DMs and get their exact language.What are Reels?Reels is multiple shot or edits that can be combined with text bubbles etc. You can use other apps like inshot, videoleap, or videoshot video and upload it to reels so you can repurpose it.If you inspire, entertain or teach on reels then on the explorer tab you can be found by people who otherwise may not have found you. Up for a challenge? Post in your stories or Reels or Lives and tag @thevirginiakerr and I @angel.mcelhaney with #videochallenge. Know you need social media to grow your audience or find your superfans, but don't know what to post? Check out my 6 categories to BOOST engagement in 30 days or less FREE GUIDENeed energy? Check out my free enneagram energy guide here :FREE ENNEAGRAM ENERGY GUIDE or check out my instagram bio for the freebie as wellLet's Connect!Learn--> www.angelmcelhaney.comConnect --> info@angelmcelhaney.comJoin the Sisterhood --->Multipassionate Mompreneur FB communityWork with Angel--> FB GROUP CONNECTION PLAN
2020 Aug 0729m 44s
Do you ever feel like you are a jack of all trades and a master of none?  Maybe you are good at so many things that you feel like you lack the authority or expertise to be "the person" that does one thing?  Today on the Multipassionate Mompreneur Podcast I spoke with Stefanie Gass from The Mompreneur Mastermind Show and we discussed how to figure out your God Led Calling and how to build an audience by building an umbrella brand through podcasting. How do you niche down?Internal Work-Take the time to reflect, pray, and journal so you can have that quiet time to figure out what you like to do, what you are naturally good at, and what you want to monetize.  Waking up early for some time alone is a good way to do this internal work, as well as asking reflective questions of those whom you care for.  An example is, "If I were to teach you something, what do you think it would be?  Another strategy for making time and space for this work is to delete the social media apps on the weekends.  This gives you time to rest and refuel and just be.  This also sets boundaries with your clients, customers and fans as you grow your audience.  Remember to also tune out from the media if you need to as well. How to niche down?Write down what you enjoy doing, what are your passions?  Next up, write down the things that make you up; your hard wiring.  For instance, what is your enneagram number, tendency or disposition?  Do you enjoy being around people or working alone? Think about who you are and what it is that depletes you or fills you up. What skills do you have?  Did you go to college to be a teacher or are you an effective speaker? Lastly, record a list of life experiences that have shaped who you are.  Are you a parent, have you experienced loss, or have you made it to the other side of a problem that someone may need help with?  Once you have all of these figure out where they intersect and chances are this will be something that you very much know and could enjoy doing for some time.  Decide and commit to monetizing this ONE THING  for 6-12 months.  This doesn't mean that you can't do the other things that you enjoy and could monetize, just that you do those for enjoyment for this season.  Once you use that focused energy to do that one thing for 6-12 months then it's a good time to pivot.  Want a large form content funnel that can serve and solve for your audience with while still letting you be you?  Podcasting is a way to allow multiple content pillars reside under an overarching brand.  This allows you to pivot when needed without restructuring your whole business.  If you want to learn about the course I took to help this squirrel mama launch her podcast in just 30 days then shoot me a Dm or click here. Connect with Stefanie Gass on instagram @steffaniegass or join our free facebook community called Mompreneur Mastermind.  Full Episode Here Know you need social media to grow your audience or find your superfans, but don't know what to post? Check out my 6 categories to BOOST engagement in 30 days or less FREE GUIDENeed energy? Check out my free enneagram energy guide here :FREE ENNEAGRAM ENERGY GUIDE or check out my instagram bio for the freebie as wellLet's Connect!Learn--> www.angelmcelhaney.comConnect --> info@angelmcelhaney.comJoin the Sisterhood --->Multipassionate Mompreneur FB communityWork with Angel--> FB GROUP CONNECTION PLAN Instagram: @angel.mcelhaney   FB: Angel McElhaney
2020 Jul 3026m 6s
What if I told you that you could ditch dieting and still make your goals?  You could stop yo-yo dieting by doing just these few simple practices to start trusting yourself!   What is Intuitive Eating?Its a way of making peace with food and recovering from the chronic dieting mentality associated with depriving yourself from food groups.  This method was created by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch in 1995 and relies heavily on instinct, emotion and being more mindful of our thoughts.  How to start?Ditch the diet mindset. No foods are now seen as good or bad.  This helps you to eliminate the shame that comes from "going off your diet" or "restarting on monday."   Listen to your bodies cues and slow down to listen.  Remove weight loss from the equation and flip how you think about food.  Connect with Alisha Alisha Carlson is a Non-Diet Lifestyle Coach and creator of The Mindful Eating Project. She is passionate about helping women feel better in their bodies through food, movement, mindset, and non-diet strategies so that they can create + live their best life.Alisha takes an inside out approach to health and wellbeing, helping her clients gain clarity on their vision for their lives so that they have a clear, no-bull blueprint. She helps her clients create a custom plan that fits into the rest of their lives instead of the other way around. Web: I​G: in: Want support for health and wellness? BETTER TOGETHER #mindbodysoul FREE GROUP Know you need social media to grow your audience or find your superfans, but don't know what to post? Check out my 6 categories to BOOST engagement in 30 days or less FREE GUIDE Need energy? Check out my free enneagram energy guide here :FREE ENNEAGRAM ENERGY GUIDE  or check out my instagram bio for the freebie as wellLet's Connect!Learn--> www.angelmcelhaney.comConnect --> info@angelmcelhaney.comJoin the Sisterhood --->Multipassionate Mompreneur FB communityWork with Angel--> FB GROUP CONNECTION PLAN Instagram: @angel.mcelhaney   FB: Angel McElhaney