Treasure in Clay: A Fulton Sheen Podcast | Engaging and Transforming Culture
  • Dr. Peter Howard
2 episodes
Are you hungering for a philosophy of life that embraces ALL of what God desires for you? Then this podcast is your answer! Hosted by Dr. Peter Howard, Treasure in Clay engages the culture head-on and goes right to the heart of the its desires, challenges and errors of our times. Drawing from the wisdom of Fulton Sheen and 2000 years of Church history, Treasure in Clay offers a voice of common sense, truth and hope to help society discover a total vision of man according to God's design and purpose that brings authentic happiness to a deeply wounded and misguided world. The time to wake up and shake off the lies of the world is NOW! Join Dr. Howard for inspiring and informative podcasts that will help make you grateful for every moment of the unique, unrepeatable and irreplaceable life that God has given you. Your life, like that of Fulton Sheen, is a treasure in clay. Let's mold it together the way God intended, so that we can have life to the full!


Fatima, Fulton Sheen and the Fate of the World - Feature for Virtual Diocesan Rosary Congress 2020
2020 Mar 2847m 59s
Dr. Peter Howard delivered this talk online for the March 2020 Virtual Diocesan Rosary Congress to Pray for the End to the Coronavirus.
EP 1: Significance of December 9 for Fulton Sheen's Feast Day
2019 Dec 0947m 29s
This is the first episode of Treasure in Clay: A Fulton Sheen Podcast. In this podcast, Dr. Peter Howard explains why it is called Treasure in Clay, what it's purpose is and then dives right into the extraordinary significance of December 9 (the day Fulton Sheen died 40 years ago in 1979) as the day the Church has chosen to be Fulton Sheen's feast day. Get ready to have your mind blown!