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Featuring exclusive interviews with former Oregon State student-athletes, Josh Worden interviews a variety of former Beavers about their memories at OSU, where life has taken them since and what they've learned along the way.


Ben Wetzler: the All-American pitcher who keeps getting better
2020 Sep 2837m 33s
Ben Wetzler (OSU baseball, 2011-2014) is six years into a professional career and the 29-year-old says he's in the best shape of his life right now. His velocity is higher than it's ever been, he's mentally sharp... so what's happening? And how similar is it to his transformation at OSU?Ben had a "soft mindset" (his words) as a freshman, but by the end of his career was a First-Team All-American and broke the school's ERA record at 0.78. I talked with Ben about how Pat Casey & Nate Yeskie challenged him, how a counselor helped rework his mental outlook, and how OSU teammate Logan Ice is retooling Ben's game through GOATA. That's all on episode 61!--At the end of the episode I talk about Kingdom Home- check out the website at: https://kingdomhome.org/--Ben has some great stories about Pat Casey and even what the 2018 team meant to him - to hear the full story on what made that team so special, you'll want to hear the Beaver Tales Documentaries. Learn more here: https://the-beaver-tales-podcast-documentaries.mailchimpsites.com/
Jonnie Motomochi (Men's Golf, 2008-2012) -- funny golf stories, club throwing, and Blake Griffin
2020 Sep 2433m 34s
Jonnie Motomochi is an expert golfer, coach, caddy, club thrower, interviewer... okay, he MAY disagree with part of that list, but we talk about his experience in each of these areas and how golf has taken him all over the world. The former OSU golfer (2008-2012) and OSU coach (2013-2017) is now a pro golf coach in British Columbia and has caddied in Scotland, Argentina, Japan, Canada, and more. Best of all, he's really funny.--To check out today's featured charity, check out Food for the Hungry https://www.fh.org/--To check out today's featured OSU-related documentary project (or the ONLY featured documentary you need to know about), find out more about the Beaver Tales Documentaries here! https://the-beaver-tales-podcast-documentaries.mailchimpsites.com/
Matt Bersano, current San Jose Earthquakes goalkeeper & OSU record breaker
2020 Sep 2128m 18s
Matt Bersano set the OSU record with 101 saves as OSU's goalkeeper in 2013. After a standout three-year career at OSU, he transferred to Penn State, then moved on to a pro career and currently plays for the MLS's San Jose Earthquakes. During this episode we talk about his one MLS appearance vs Manchester United (?!), what a pro soccer contract looks like, and a lot more. --Joint the email list for this podcast and learn the story behind the 2018 Beaver Baseball team! A podcast series based on that team comes out soon: https://the-beaver-tales-podcast-documentaries.mailchimpsites.com/
Jay Locey, current Lewis & Clark Head Coach & former OSU player, coach
2020 Sep 1729m 9s
Jay Locey played for a lot of well-known coaches in his career: Dee Andros, Craig Fertig, Bud Riley (Mike's father), Rich Brooks, and Chuck Solberg among them. After he capped his football career with a first-team All-Pac-8 selection in 1976, Jay himself became a coach, helping win three national championships while on the staff at Linfield. Locey came back to Oregon State from 2006-2014 to assist his childhood friend Mike Riley. Since 2014, Locey has been the head coach at Lewis & Clark College in Portland.---Food for the Hungry, today's featured nonprofit, is online at https://www.fh.org/---Re-live the 2018 national champion Beaver Baseball season! I'm producing a documentary on that team; learn more here: https://the-beaver-tales-podcast-documentaries.mailchimpsites.com/
Angus Brandt, pro basketball player, NBL Champion & world traveler
2020 Sep 1433m
Angus Brandt played five years at OSU (2009-2014, the final five years of the Craig Robinson era) and has since played professionally in Australia, New Zealand, Lithuania, Italy, plus a stint last year in Wuhan, China. I talked with the Sydney, Australia native about what he's learned both in basketball and beyond, and how his long-term relationship with fellow OSU student-athlete Megan Miller has helped keep him grounded.----To help out disaster relief efforts through Convoy of Hope, please visit https://www.convoyofhope.org/----Learn more about the Beaver Tales Documentary Series that I'm producing right now: https://the-beaver-tales-podcast-documentaries.mailchimpsites.com/
What is GOATA? Why is Logan Ice so passionate about it? The former Beaver catcher explains
2020 Sep 1045m 54s
Although Logan Ice had a tremendous career at OSU -- First-Team All-Conference, 2016 Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year, 2nd Round MLB Draft Pick -- we talk more about his post-baseball career. Soon after he retired from baseball in January 2020, Logan learned about GOATA. Eight months later, Logan became GOATA certified. So what is GOATA, and why does Logan think it can revolutionize how we think about injury prevention & body movements? Take a listen and find out!Find Logan on Instagram @LoganIce03 or Twitter @LoganIce33--If you love Beaver baseball or great stories about OSU sports, you'll love the Beaver Tales Documentaries, which retell the story of the 2018 Beaver Baseball Team: https://the-beaver-tales-podcast-documentaries.mailchimpsites.com/
4-Time All-American Leslie Mak (Gymnastics: 2009-2012)
2020 Sep 0832m 37s
Leslie Beverly (formerly Leslie Mak) was the Pac-10 Gymnast of the Year in 2011 and the Pac-12 Gymnast of the Year in 2012. She won four conference titles, including all-around in 2011, even though Leslie had not competed in all-around the previous two years. I had a blast talking with Leslie about her crazy elbow injury that led to some creative choreography (a hands-free beam routine??) plus her life after college in Ann Arbor. To join the email list for both this podcast and the Beaver Tales Documentaries, click here! https://the-beaver-tales-podcast-documentaries.mailchimpsites.com/
"The Only Compassionate Duck" Bob Welch, author of "The Wizard of Foz"
2020 Sep 0334m 47s
Though he's not a former Oregon State student-athlete, Bob Welch joins the Beaver Tales Podcast to talk about the book he wrote about a former OSU student-athlete. "The Wizard of Foz" details the story of legendary high jumper Dick Fosbury - 1968 Gold Medalist, inventor of the Fosbury Flop, and Oregon State alumnus.Bob Welch is an award-winning columnist and author, a Corvallis native and (shh, don't tell anyone) a graduate of the University of Oregon. The late great OSU fullback Bill Enyart called Bob "The Only Compassionate Duck," and he was compassionate enough to join the Beaver Tales Podcast to talk about OSU legend Dick Fosbury.To purchase "The Wizard of Foz" check out http://bobwelch.net/----At the very end of this episode I give a brief update about the Beaver Tales Documentary Series - to subscribe and learn more about the project, which comes out later this year, click here: https://the-beaver-tales-podcast-documentaries.mailchimpsites.com/
Malcolm Agnew and a roller coaster football career (OSU 2011-2012)
2020 Aug 3148m 5s
Malcolm Agnew had one of the most intriguing, unusual football careers of any OSU player. In his college debut he ran for 223 yards and 3 touchdowns... in a loss to Sacramento State. He then totaled just 200 yards the entire rest of the season, was a backup the next year and then transferred to Southern Illinois. His career ended suddenly and unexpectedly a couple years later, which forced Malcolm to wrestle with who he was once football was taken away.Malcolm is an affable guy with engaging stories about meeting his wife Amanda, the antics of Brandin Cooks, and how he handled his ups and downs in college football.---Re-live sensational moments of Oregon State sports and hear from the people that made them special by checking out the Beaver Tales Documentaries! Better yet, it's free! To subscribe, click this link: https://the-beaver-tales-podcast-documentaries.mailchimpsites.com/---Please check out the amazing stories happening every month at Children's Garden, where kids find a safe home in the Philippines: https://childrensgarden.ph/
Olympian Basketball Player Kim Butler
2020 Aug 2735m 21s
With a pro basketball career spanning 7 countries and the 2012 London Olympic Games, plus a standout career at Oregon State, Kim West (known as Kim Butler at OSU) has been around the proverbial basketball block. What she learned along the way had to do with a lot more than basketball, though, especially with her passion for coaching and mental health.Kim now lives in her hometown (Tacoma, Washington), coaches the girl's basketball team at her alma mater (Bellarmine Prep), and is earning a Master's Degree in Counseling from Northwestern University.----Check out the Beaver Tales Documentary Series, a project I'm producing on the 2018 Beaver Baseball team. Learn more here: https://the-beaver-tales-podcast-documentaries.mailchimpsites.com/----To learn more about today's nonprofit, Food for the Hungry, please visit https://www.fh.org/