T.O.S.E. - The Other Side Enterprise
  • Tiffany Rufino
47 episodes
Welcome to The Other Side! Join the team as they show you ways you can get to the Other Side - whether it be in growing your business, developing your own career, or achieving your goals. We discuss taking your dreams to possibilities and making them a reality. Please Subscribe and Share- and we'll see you on the Other Side!


Favoritism and Jealousy
2020 Jul 1734m 14s
One causes the other, both cause feelings.
I Don’t Wanna!
2020 Jul 1534m 30s
Ever feel like you just don’t wanna? We talk a little about how your mood can affect the simplest task and how you may perceive situations.
What About the Customer?
2020 Jul 1333m 36s
We talk through our own case studies of being a customer in different environments.
Three Celebrities and Dinner
2020 Jul 1031m 42s
If you could invite three celebrities to join you for dinner, who would they be?
Saying No is a Complete Sentence.
2020 Jul 0832m 34s
Why do we get challenged with saying no? How do we fix it?
Are You Growing Due to Water, Sunshine or Fertilizer?
2020 Jul 0645m 31s
We help leaders, managers and employees remember what they bring to the table, as well as how each relationship may benefit from different learnings.
Unlearning Habits
2020 Jul 0133m 24s
What habits do we carry on in our career from previous leaders or fellow co-workers? How do you know if it’s a bad habit or not?
This is 40...
2020 Jun 2931m 10s
Listener request! What do I know for sure...now that I am 40?
Gaslighting, at its best?
2020 Jun 2948m 40s
Gaslighting: Who, What, When, Why and How?
We Should Start Right Now! (Our THEME!)
2020 Jun 296m 36s
Our Theme Song In FULL by Popular Request! Post videos on social media, and tag me in it! Xoxo Tiff (Loving Caliber ft Emmi)