Instrktiv's Insane Instructions Show
  • Ferry Vermeulen
5 episodes
This Podcast covers topics related to creating user-friendly and compliant information for use. Topics such as the principles of minimalism, ISO 20607 and IEC/IEEE 82079 will be discussed.


How to CE Mark a Medical Device
2020 Jun 231h 12m
As one of our specialisms is creating Instructions for Use (or IFU) for medical devices, many of our clients are involved in the certification process of medical devices.
Product Safety and Information for Use from a Lawyer's Perspective
2020 Mar 1954m 11s
PODCAST: CE Marking and Requirements on Information for Use.
Using the ISO 20607 to Create Instruction Handbooks for Machinery with Martin Rieder
2020 Jan 0443m 31s
Creating user manuals that comply with the long list of requirements of the Machinery Directive is a challenging task.
Using the Principles of Minimalism to Create Better User Support, with Dr. Hans van der Meij
2019 Nov 0446m 27s
User support often does not effectively satisfy the propensities of the user. That’s what John Carroll and his colleagues at IBM observed around 1982 and how the minimalist approach to technical documentation began. Minimalism in technical communication is a use and user-centered approach to create better user support. .
The new 82079 standard on Information for Use
2019 Oct 1642m 34s
Creating user guides that users love to use can be a challenging task. Not only do you need to master technical writing, but you also need to be familiar with designing, visualising, usability principles, legal stuff, and good old-fashioned psychology. The IEC/IEEE 82079-1-2019 Standard on Preparation of Information for Use provides guidelines that help you create better instructions. If you want to create happier users and make sure that you fulfill market, legal, and regulatory obligations, applying this standard is an absolute must.