• Coach Bianca
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Welcome to the Launching Light Podcast! Your host is Coach Bianca, a certified holistic energy healer from Fuel Your Magic™. Subscribe to this podcast for tips and tools to help you get your energy right so that you can launch your light in the world via your sacred business. The podcast features spiritual entrepreneurs discussing how they overcame blocks to starting their businesses, how they launched their businesses, practical business hacks, self-care tips, time/energy management, healing and/or shadow work, and more. If they could do it, so can you!


Episode 014: The Priestess Business Model with Beth Katherine
2020 Sep 1445m 28s
Is it possible to run your business on a different model, one based on the ancient temples of the priestess? Is it really possible to run your business without hustle or a concrete schedule?  Find out by tuning in to this deep dive and jam-packed conversation with Beth Katherine.
Episode 013: Using Astrology for Business Success with Jennifer Forchelli
2020 Aug 3147m 2s
Can astrology help you with business success? Is everything you need to have a successful business really written in your birth chart? Find out by listening in on this episode!
Episode 012: Spiritual Connection and Your Purpose with Calista
2020 Aug 2454m 50s
Welcome to episode 12 of Launching Light where I have an illuminating conversation with award-winning author Calista.
Episode 011: Self-Care for Your Mind with Morgan FitzGerald
2020 Aug 1733m 12s
Self-care is usually discussed in the realm of the physical body, but can self-care also be helpful for your mind? Find out by listening in on this awesome discussion on the topic!
Episode 010: Shadow Work & Self Care with Alexandra Hribik
2020 Aug 0337m 52s
I’m so excited to introduce you to today’s guest - Alexandra Hribik.
Episode 009: Your Energy Matters with Devani Freeman
2020 Jul 2030m 44s
How does your energy affect your business success? Check out this episode to find out!
Episode 008: Connecting to Innate Wisdom for Your Success with Helen Christodoulou
2020 Jul 0625m 14s
On this episode of the Launching Light podcast, our guest is Helen Christodoulou. Helen is an intuitive mentor and consultant and founder of the Fusion 7 Healing Mystery School. She’s the author of “The Miracle Frequency - 49 Powerful Transformation, Ascension and Evolution Techniques". She is also a Fasting Focused Lifestyle Coach for weight and health management.
Episode 007: Stepping Back to Grow Your Business with Jenn Morgan
2020 Jun 1747m 10s
On this episode of Launching Light, I have an illuminating conversation with Jenn Morgan! She's the author of "Crystals for Mom", a guide to help moms everywhere use crystals to parent consciously, cultivate moments of balance daily, and ease their children through the stresses of life.
Episode 006: Visualization Techniques for Business
2020 Jun 107m 48s
Interested in visualization for manifestation and business success? Then this is the episode for you!
Episode 005: Your Spirit Team & Self Care with Morgan FitzGerald
2020 Jun 0520m 23s
On this episode of Launching Light, our guest is Morgan FitzGerald. He’s a public speaker and self-care advocate who takes pride in hosting free community events which help hard conversations about mental health, mindfulness, spirituality and wellness to take place and heal people. Through being completely open with his struggles with mental health and sex addiction, people find the strength and inspiration to start putting themselves first, find their spiritual path and seek help.