• Spencer and Bailey Amaral, The Windrose Project Podcast
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The Windrose Project is a Christian leadership ministry that exists to reach young men and women with the foundational truth that all mankind is created equal in the image of God. We teach young Americans to recognize the massive implications of this principle and encourage them to live accordingly, in their lives and relationships with others.


Nihilism and Natural Law, Part 1
2020 Sep 0255m 32s
Jared Eckert joins the show to discuss nihilism, deontology and utilitarianism.
Tear Down the Statues?
2020 Aug 1845m 35s
Spencer and Bailey discuss the ongoing debate over America's statues, the need for grace with one another, and the path to reconciliation outlined by Abraham Lincoln.
The Problem with 'Anti-Racism'
2020 Jul 2343m 16s
Spencer and Bailey discuss the new Anti-Racist ideology, where it goes wrong, and what real racial reconciliation looks like.
Is the 4th of July Worth Celebrating?
2020 Jul 1053m 12s
In light of the 4th of July becoming controversial, Spencer and Bailey examine the writings of abolitionist Frederick Douglass and discuss why the holiday is still worth celebrating.
Fighting Racism in Our Time
2020 Jul 021h 1m 39s
Windrose Project Directors Spencer and Bailey Amaral discuss the different manifestations of racism in our generation and how to be a part of the solution.