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Bunch of clueless friends talking about random topics.


2020 Feb 0917m 22s
Strait Stupidity
2019 Dec 1550m 45s
Don' waste your time.
chicken POT pie
2019 Nov 2546m 18s
We like pot pie
Existiential crisis...
2019 Nov 0359m 57s
Listen all the way, it gets deep.
Danny how ya feeeel??
2019 Oct 2825m 2s
Danny kind of on the podcast??
Sugar High
2019 Oct 2036m 10s
Don't listen. Please don't.
Spooky Stufff
2019 Oct 1356m 16s
Scary Sheeeit
This episode actually sounds good.
2019 Oct 0553m 4s
New setup. Its lit