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  • Andres Ibarra
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Andres Ibarra and Madison Drechsler gather with their close friends and colleagues to talk about life and relationships. We give advice on dating, sex, and just life in general. Contact with questions or comments at or dm on Socials: @n0t_andres/@0neoftheguys/@drechss | New episodes every Monday!


Get Yourself Out of the Friendzone
2020 Sep 1454m 26s
In this week's episode Andres and Madison are joined by Noah to discuss the friendzone. Is it real? Can you get out of it? is it forever? these are all questions Madison, Andres, and Noah all address in this week's episode. Socials: @n0t_andres @drechss
How to Handle A Breakup
2020 Sep 0459m 3s
In this week's episode, Andres and Madison cover one of the hardest topics anyone ever has to cover. . . Breakups. This topic is very complex and Andres and madison can probably talk about it for days on end but in this episode, we cover the basics and whats helped us in the past and present.  As usual, if you have any questions hit our DMs. Socials: @n0tandres & @drechss
DM's of the week and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT
2020 Aug 2820m 59s
Yo what's up guys. this is a dolo episode where I answer a few DM's that piqued my interest and then I tell you guys the biggest news to date. stay tuned to see what it's about. be safe
Can You Be Friends With your Ex?
2020 Aug 2157m 37s
F*ck no lol. Listen to this week's episode to find out what Andres and Noah think about being friends with your ex. Socials: @n0t_andres | @0neoftheguys
Bubble Ball & R.I.P College Football
2020 Aug 141h 9m 35s
In this week's episode Andres brings on his long time friend Jeremy. They get together and talk Basketball in the bubble, what they are hoping for, and things they've liked so far. we also catch up with Andres as he starts his new adventure with school and doing a daily blog as well as a weekly podcast. Also one final thing. R.I.P Big ten sports you will be missed.
Lets Talk About Mental Health
2020 Jul 311h 5m 45s
This is the best podcast I have ever created. in this week's episode, Andres brings the guys back on and his cousin AJ and they talk about mental health issues in their lives and how to cope with it. Everyone is different so it's okay if one thing works for you but the others don't. As usual, questions can go to or Socials: @n0t_andres | @0neoftheguys
Meet My Mentor
2020 Jul 2451m 12s
In this week's amazing episode Andres talks with one of his greatest Mentors. They talk about some of the things they've learned from each other over the last few years and they realize they both have grown a lot since they first met. as usual all questions, comments, concerns can be asked on the website and in the DMs. Socials: @n0t_andres | @0neoftheguys
2020 Jul 1746m 27s
In this week's episode, Andres goes solo and talks about breaks in relationships. The episode gets a little real but its a message that needs to be heard. There's always a lot of different opinions on breaks in relationships but this episode breaks it down for everyone. as usual, if you have questions send them into our socials. @n0t_andres | @0neoftheguys |
Lets Talk Movies With Noah
2020 Jul 101h 1m 51s
In this week's episode Andres and Noah together and talk about some of our favorite film categories and break down some of our favorite movies from each category. We chose winners for each but overall they were able to come to a fair agreement on most categories. if you have any questions please feel free to send them to or socials: @n0t_andres/@0neoftheguys
How to slide in the DMs and other questions
2020 Jul 0339m 35s
I finally got around to answering some very pressing questions. In this episode, Andres and the guys finally answer some of the DMs the podcast has been getting. We talk about dick size, how to slide in the dms, Good guys that are bad at sex, and then we ended it with a semi-crazy story. Hope you guys have a good fourth of July be safe and wear your masks.