Metaphysics & Depression With Jeremy
  • Jeremy Don
10 episodes
Hey, thank you for joining me today, this podcast seeks to sensitise people on the issues associated with depression and anxiety.


2020 Aug 093m 5s
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Ep. 01 Why Depression?
2020 Aug 0711m 33s
Introduction was done by Essie Zawadi Mbotela. If you liked or didn't like this episode, please send feedback. 🙃
Season 2. I CAN'T WAIT.
2020 Aug 023m 11s
Season 2 coming to you this August.
Points of View
2020 Jun 123m 58s
Intro was done by Lena Mbula
The Illusion of Time
2020 May 297m 43s
Introduction was done by Martin Oluoch.
There Are No Wrong Feelings
2020 May 157m 44s
Introduction was done by Ciku.
Existence is musical in nature
2020 May 087m 35s
Thank you for wanting to know more today than you did yesterday. 😁
Suffering and deliverance from suffering.
2020 May 017m 5s
This episode seeks to look into what the human feels when they are afraid.
God's existence
2020 Apr 249m 46s
This episodes seeks to look at the arguments posed by St. Aquinas on God's existence.