It's a Process
  • Meghan Morasan
12 episodes
This podcast is dedicated to every young adult who’s struggling to find themselves post-college. Not enough people talk about the STRUGGLE of finding yourself in you mid- to early-twenties. Outside of the stereotypical "finding a job", "paying off loans", and just learning how to be more self-sufficient, there's also a giant chance you need to completely re-figure out who you are again, and that is something no one prepares you for. Maybe that's just me...but in case it isn't, here's my podcast where I rant and hopefully talk through issues that others may be dealing with too. Because let us be's a process.


Quarantine Diaries #4: Celebrating a Family Holiday Alone
2020 Apr 1316m 38s
Easter Sunday was the day I had been dreading all week because it meant I was going to spend a family holiday all by myself. This episode I talk about how lonely I had been feeling and how I did my best to redirect my energy in positive ways. I also talk about how the smallest acts of kindness turned this Easter into one I'll never forget.
Quarantine Diaries #3: Talking Friendship with My Two Best Friends
2020 Apr 0623m 35s
I invite my two best friends, Eva and Christy, to discuss the ins and outs of our friendship, including how we've managed to stay friends since middle school, and how many times we've honestly thought the friendship was over. The episode ends with a fun game of "who is most likely to" where you'll learn inside tea about me as well as dirt on Eva and Christy.
Quarantine Diaries #2: How I'm Making the Most of My Time Alone
2020 Mar 3032m 55s
Though hard, I recommend doing your best to focus on any positive ideas you can during this weird, nerve wracking time. In this episode, I focus on my tips to finding some happiness, and ways I'm choosing to make the most of this stay-at-home-order.
Quarantine Diaries: I'm Back!
2020 Mar 269m 25s
The current pandemic and quarantine has made me realize...I miss recording my podcast! So I'm back in a quick surprise episode to briefly discuss where I've been and why I stopped.
Learning to Balance All Your Standards
2019 Sep 0321m 58s
Learning to balance your "professional-self" with your "everyday-self" with even your "going-out" self can get a little tricky...especially when worlds start colliding and people have all these different expectations of who you are. It's time we stop setting these own standards for ourselves and putting our personalities in different buckets for different scenarios....everyone needs to learn its time to just be yourself.
Time to Stop Complaining and Start Changing
2019 Aug 2622m 11s
After being told, straight up, that I'm hard to talk to because all I do is complain, I was forced to look my complaints in the eye, and figure out concrete solutions. Everyone can complain, but not everyone has the motivation and drive to fix the things they're constantly b*tching about.
The Importance of Me Time: Live from New York
2019 Aug 1217m
After taking a week long vacation by myself, I reflect on the importance of doing things for yourself and on your own - and how everyone could benefit from a little "me-time".
How Do You Figure Out What You Love To Do?
2019 Aug 0520m 39s
When people think about their future career or where they want to be in 10 years - everyone looks at it a little differently. Today's episode explores my current thought process and why I think I may need to change my thinking.
Hangover Rambles: It's been one of those weeks
2019 Jul 2925m 4s
I power through my terrible hangover to rant to you guys about how everyone needs to start being more open about when they're feeling sad....and how I wish I was as cool as social media influencers
Being the "Nickelback" of your Friend Group
2019 Jul 2220m 41s
Admit it...there's that one friend in the group that is ALWAYS being picked on. If it's not you, then you can probably figure out who it is. It's not always a bad thing, but do know, you aren't alone. There are other "Nickelback" friends out there - and there's no shame.