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This radio zone promotes discussions and dialogue, as well as providing information about doing business in Africa.


The Sad, But Happy State of Africa in the Global Economy
2016 Mar 0754m 28s
Lauri Elliott and Nwakego Eyisi of Afribiz discuss the negative indicators for African economies, but share while it looks bad it is a good place to be to look for new, sustainable solutions for thriving economies.
AfDB Chief Economist Ncube on Politics & Economic Growth
2013 Aug 2812m 13s
Professor Mthuli Ncube, Chief Economist for African Development Bank, shares insights from a recent AfDB report, Political  Fragility in Africa.
South African Diaspora Accelerating Opportunities for SA Biz
2013 Aug 1326m 4s
Donovan Neal-May, Head of the South African Business Link to Experts (SABLE), discusses the role the South African Diaspora is playing in assisting South African entrepreneurs develop market opportunities.
African Development Bank's Take on SMEs in Africa
2013 Aug 1224m 34s
Robert Zeger's, Chief Investment Officer for the African Development Bank, provides AfDB's take on the importance of SMEs in Africa.
Informal SME Market in Africa
2012 Nov 1533m 19s
Amrei Botha, Head of SME Banking at Standard Bank, says that 90% of small businesses in Africa are informal. This sector has unique challenges from their formal counterparts, which Standard Bank has taken on as an opportunity.