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This is DFranz Digging Deep, a Podcast where we cover everything Tech, Sales, Marketing, Funnels with Facebook, Colleague Collaboration, Brand Building, Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Lead Conversion, "C"customer"R"relationship"M"management Systems, Websites, Modern Landing Pages, email Marketing & SMS Marketing, Become the Digital Major of your Town, Systems, Marketing Machine, Mindset, Trade shows, Daily Hustle, Vision, 3rd Eye, Intuition, how the Universe works (cadence of karma, good & bad) - managing time, time cadence, free time


How to choose your Real Estate CRM - Customer Relationship management
2020 Jun 0426m 25s
Manage the Relationships of your Customers - there are basically too many to choose from so this is a quick guide to help you figure out how to pull this off..
Why eXp Realty. - DFranz explains.
2020 Jun 0416m 43s
My last stop in my Real Estate Career is eXp Realty. I've been at 3 different companies in the last 15 years & I'm uber-confident I'll be with eXp for the next 15 years. Follow my journey - I'll be helping agents make the switch from their current situation over to eXp - and even helping those looking for a possible career change into Real Estate.
Facebook Live - Time Slotting - DFranz
2020 Jun 0431m 43s
This is the first of many episodes about "Time Slotting" - how all slots of time in your life are related to all the other Slots of time - Good & Bad
Texas Holdem - How to Play Poker
2020 Apr 3037m 52s
Covering the basics : Future episodes I'll be breaking down the game very specifically
Succeed in Sales
2020 Apr 3018m 10s
Sales Coaching: *25+ years in-depth experience in outside sales and sales management - Consulting ~ Effort, Skill and Mindset ~
How to Golf
2020 Apr 3014m 6s
laying the groundwork - basics - ideology - future episodes will break down the game into very specific areas - enjoy!
Sales Routine
2020 Apr 3036m 9s
Your routine will define you & your routine is your Brand. enjoy!
Presidents cup.
2019 Dec 115m 2s
Tiger Woods, players captain, presidents cup 2019 in Australia
Let Tiger Woods prepare for a major the way he wants to.
2019 Jul 153m 34s
Lots of criticism of Tiger not playing competitive golf before the British open this year. C’mon - really... who knows Tiger more than himself. Stop, just stop & realize we are blessed to still be watching TW play golf.
LeBron has negative impact on Lakers.
2019 May 152m 6s
Lakers were in fourth place in the west Christmas day thinking they were going to go to the playoffs. This episode was recorded way back then like I was Nostradamus. lol