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Here you'll find podcast episodes and other video resources about Myofascial Decompression techniques from your friends at Cup Therapy. Listen to interviews with some of the best athletes, clinicians, and researchers in their fields. Thanks for visiting!


Ep. 10 - Dr. Cindy Chang: "Getting Into the Sports Medicine World: The Secret Dance"
2020 Sep 0238m 37s
Curious about the in-depth details of the sport medicine world?  Think it's all glitz and glamour?  Well, Episode 10 bring us a deep conversation with Dr. Cindy Chang about this very topic.  Dr. Chang served as the head team physician for all 27...
Ep.9 - Heather Linden
2020 Aug 2534m 3s
Who's the only person tougher than a UFC fighter? The Director of Physical Therapy at the UFC of course! Dr. Heather Linden joins us on the podcast today to discuss athlete rehab, interprofessional care, and the benefits of MFD in fighters compared to...
Ep. 8 - Sue Falsone
2020 Aug 0549m 18s
If you love sports, if you love fascia, if you love sports medicine - this is the conversation for you!!  The legendary Sue Falsone joins us on the podcast today to discuss all things fascia, manual therapy, negative pressure and dry needling, and...
Ep. 7 - Dr. Christina Allen
2020 Jul 2242m 52s
Hey there all you knuckleheads!  Special treat for all of the sports fans, rehab fans, and orthopedic surgery fans out there - one of our family members at UCSF in the orthopedic surgery dept, previous Cal team ortho for multiple teams, team ortho for...
Ep. 6 - Savannah Rennie
2020 Jun 3042m 15s
Hey all you volleyball fans, former Cal volleyball star, liver transplant survivor, and amazing all around human being - Savannah Rennie joins us on the podcast today.  Listen in as she tells you her story of battles, grit, and determination in health...
Ep. 5 - Blaine Scully
2020 May 1241m 49s
Team USA and rugby fans, buckle up!  Blaine Scully is here with us to discuss rehabilitation, self-care, dedication, and the role of physiotherapy (PT) throughout his illustrious rugby career.
Ep.4 - Mitch Schwartz
2020 Apr 2736m 52s
Super Bowl Champion and starting right tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs, Mitch Schwartz joins us for the podcast this week!  Named to CBS Sports' 2019 All-Decade Team, and owner of the record for most consecutive snap counts...and two famous...
Ep.3 - Nathan Adrian
2020 Apr 2029m 9s
We're joined by a very special guest today, professional swimmer Nathan Adrian!  Nathan is a 5x NCAA champion at Cal Berkeley, 3x Olympian with 5 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals collected, winner of numerous World Championships, Pan American...
Ep.2 - Meredith Kessler
2020 Apr 1333m 32s
Today we're excited to be joined by professional triathlete Meredith Kessler!  She's an 11x Ironman World Champion, USA Triathlon's 2014 Non-Drafting Athlete of the Year, 2018's #1 US Female Triathlete, and advocate of the Challenged Athlete Foundation...
Ep.1 - Amy Bilquist
2020 Apr 0721m 55s
Our inaugural episode features one of our close friends, Amy Bilquist.  A 5x NCAA swimming champion, USA Swimming champion, member of numerous record-breaking relay times at Cal Berkeley, and currently a professional swimmer with the Scottsdale Aquatic...