Casserole of Nonsense
  • Chris Brooks, Scott Burton
24 episodes
What do you get when three guys let their imaginations go a little farther than they should? Definitely not rocket science. More like a casserole of nonsense. Oooh, that's a good name for it.


1.24 Football Movies
2020 Jun 101h 6m 55s
The season finale of the Casserole dives into football movies - which ones are good, which ones could use some work and which ones shouldn't have been remade. A fantasy football draft builds two fictional teams based on pro football movies (that is, until someone breaks the rules).
1.23 Golf
2020 May 271h 19m 12s
It's all about golf in this episode. The quiz show pits Chris and Casey in a tough competition.
1.22 The Casserole Movie Awards
2020 May 201h 11m 6s
This episode is all about movie awards - good ones, bad ones and overrated ones. Casey shocks the gang with his admission of a movie he likes.
1.21 Pet Peeves
2020 May 131h 7m 38s
The guys get a little testy as they reveal some of their biggest pet peeves. Which one tops them all? That's answered in "The GOAT List," while everyone puts their personal pet peeves on trial - and determines what sentence they should receive. One annoying song is voted off in "One's Gotta Go."
1.20 Manliness...As Much As the Women Allow
2020 May 061h 7m 7s
This week’s episode is about manliness, but the ladies get to weigh in on certain topics as well. The best mustache of all time is determined in a super-sized edition of “The GOAT List.”
1.19 Advertising Nonsense
2020 Apr 281h 2m 52s
The guys discuss commercials - good ones, bad ones and memorable ones. A new segment debuts where the gang picks their most overrated Super Bowl commercial ever, and which Budweiser ad has to go in "One's Gotta Go."
1.18 Collecting Nonsense
2020 Apr 2244m 25s
Did you ever collect anything? That's what this episode is all about, as the guys talk collections, from baseball cards to cassette tapes (!) to valuable items.
1.17 Nonsense High School
2020 Apr 1857m 35s
The guys talk about their formative years, or at least high school, anyway. Then, they create Casserole County High School with teachers from various TV shows and kick one bad administrator out in "One's Gotta Go."
1.16 Discovery
2020 Apr 0849m
Ever find anything you thought might be valuable, only to find out it was a piece of junk? Or did it turn out to be worth something after all? The gang talks about discoveries and looks at some of the biggest scores this side of pirate booty in this week's episode.
1.15 College
2020 Apr 011h 10m 59s
The guys are practicing social distancing in this episode, but that doesn't stop them from traveling back in time to revisit some of their collegiate misdeeds...