The Drive-In: Double Feature
  • Aaron Lopez
79 episodes
Join co-hosts Aaron Lopez and Ben Norsworthy every Monday as they dive into the world of movies. Not only will they be dropping insights into new movies, they will relive some of their old favorites. Grab some popcorn, a cold beer, and enjoy The Drive In: Double Feature!


Double Feature #9 - Leonardo DiCaprio Profile
2020 Sep 211h 30m 30s
In their first actor profile episode, Aaron and Ben look at the career of Leonardo DiCaprio. From his early work as Arnie Grape all the way up to his performance in 2019's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, we break down the highs and lows from his almost 30 year career (spoiler: there aren't many lows!).
Double Feature #8 - Back To School
2020 Sep 141h 1m 13s
What happens when you bring two teachers together to talk about school movies? You get a couple Top 5 lists! Join Aaron and Ben as they chat about some of their favorite school movies. October brings Halloween movies. December gives us a long list of Christmas movies. Why can't September be when we break out the School movies?!
Double Feature #7 - COVID Delayed Movies
2020 Sep 071h 16m 50s
How long has it been since you've been to a movie theater? This week, Ben and Aaron discuss many of the movies that have been delayed due to COVID including how excited we are for the movie to come out at all. If you feel like you've lost track of what movies were supposed to be released and when their new release is, then tune in!
Double Feature #6 - DC Fandome Recap
2020 Aug 311h 6m 30s
Just over a week ago, DC wrapped up an extremely busy pop-up convention called DC Fandome. We recap and drop insights on all of the major trailers and announcements including Wonder Woman 1984, The Batman, The Suicide Squad, and Zack Snyder's Justice League.
Double Feature #5 - Umbrella Academy Season 2 Review
2020 Aug 241h 34m 24s
After a week away from the show, Aaron and Ben return this week alongside guest Jordan Lopez to break down the 2nd season of "The Umbrella Academy." As Jordan says, we could have spent an entire show on each episode, but we did our best to break down the questions and thoughts that we had about the Netflix original's follow-up season. Aaron brings insights from the comics while Jordan and Ben tossed out predictions about what season 3 might entail! It was great getting back to the show's "roots" as we reviewed something, and we can assure you that it was just as much fun to record as it will be to listen to it.
Double Feature Flashback #4 - "Hereditary"
2020 Aug 172h 42m 3s
Aaron and Ben are taking this week off, but that doesn't mean we aren't still looking out for you all! We dug deep into the archives to bring you one of our first episodes together. Jump back into your Delorean to listen to our first Retro Drive In: Double Feature episode: "Hereditary."
Double Feature #3 - Mike Lehr Interview
2020 Aug 101h 2m 8s
This week, The Drive In: Double Feature was happy to bring in Michael Lehr, a seasoned stuntman and actor, for an interview. His credits include Extraction, Logan, Alita: Battle Angel, Mulan, Kingsmen: The Golden Circle, and many more! In just a short amount of time Mike Lehr has made a huge impact on the stunt world. It was a blast to hear about how he got into the field, some of his favorite stories from being on set, and what he considers to be the ultimate stunt film. While this was the first guest interview on The Drive In: Double Feature, Mike ensured that it won't be the last!
Double Feature #2 - Judd Apatow Profile
2020 Aug 031h 20m 29s
In anticipation of the 15-year anniversary of Judd Apatow's directorial debut film, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Aaron and Ben took some time to look back over the career of the filmmaker. In our first Profile style podcast, we trek through the films and series that Apatow had a hand in shaping. By the end, we give our highs and lows of his still-thriving career, including his 2020 film, The King of Staten Island.
Double Feature #1 - Virus Movies
2020 Jul 2754m 48s
After nearly a year away, The Drive In returns in new fashion! Longtime host Aaron Lopez is joined by new co-host Ben Norsworthy in a reboot of sorts to the podcast. In our first iteration of the show, Aaron and Ben give their Top 3 Virus movies because.. well, it's on the brain. We give our Top 3 Viral films and even debate whether or not one movie fits the genre, itself. It was a blast to get the show back up and running! Break out the popcorn, Milk Duds, and maybe even a beer to celebrate the first episode of The Drive In: Double Feature!
THE DRIVE IN #80 - Zombieland: Double Tap
2019 Nov 0158m 37s
Does Nov. 1st have you already missing the spooky vibes of October? Don't worry, we've got you covered. This week, Aaron Brewer and I sat down to talk about the sequel to Zombieland, Zombieland: Double Tap. Can you believe that it's already been 10 years since the first movie came out? Neither could we! Before you get into the holiday spirit, take one last Halloween victory lap with us.