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Welcome to the Buschmann Family podcast, where amazing Buschmanns talk Buschmann events, Buschmann stuff that happens and all things Buschmann!


The Karate Kidding Episode
2020 Sep 2228m 30s
Today we talk about the mysterious Easter art of Karate...I am your Sensei as we talk about Camel Walks, listen to Karate songs, Cobra Kai election edition, and talk about how Daniel Laruso is the greatest villain of movie history!
Weird Science
2020 Sep 0827m 58s
In this days episode we try to get Logan interested in Science. We have Weird science news of the week, listen to songs about Science, learn wildlife from The Crocodile Hunter and interview the famous science movie expert, Dr. Rick Sugar!
I Can Be Your Hero, Baby!
2020 Aug 2523m 57s
It’s a super hero episode where we talk super drunk golf cats, super tunes, super interviews and super questions!
It’s a Family Feud
2020 Aug 1322m 18s
Today we talk about stupid people, listen to Family songs, have a Family Feud and learn the joys of Soccer Golf!
Sesame Street...C is for Covid-19
2020 Aug 0328m
Today we talk crazy Covid-19 signage, Quarantine songs, visit the Sesame Street pandemic, review Blank Check and learn about quarantine abilities!
Harry Potter and the Orange Professor
2020 Jul 2523m 21s
Today we talk Magic! We learn Tom Cruise’s possible mission, listen y to o strange magic, see whose teaching the Dark Arts, put the lotion in the basket and learn about The video game of Logan’s life!
Knocking on Heavens Door
2020 Jul 1823m 46s
Today we talk afterlife, listen to heavenly songs, hang out at a bar in Heaven, and wish we were Almost Famous. Is there a heaven? Logan’s has Spoons!
Musical Mayhem
2020 Jul 0723m 25s
Today we talk Subway shenanigans, review musicals, hear a bit of Lin Miranda’s newest musical “Biden”, review Hamilton and answer Logan’s questions!
ThreeO Trio Smashdown
2020 Jun 3023m 8s
Today we have Logan’s friends Devon an Henry over to talk stealing tractors, listen to Spanish songs, Celebrity Jeopardy and talk about weak super powers!
Where the Buffalo Roam
2020 Jun 2132m 48s
Live from South Dakota...joined by Other Buschmanns we dip into Logan’s Diary, talk Farting arrests, Hear from the stars of Mr Rushmore, Buffalo Songs and Question the Family!