• Mariel Heather
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I'm Mariel Heather, a spiritual mentor and Shaman. This podcast is created to educate, empower, share wisdom and knowledge from myself and other incredible souls in the spiritual community who have been where you are today. Sharing stories and wisdom can be a form of medicine in itself so I hope that when you listen to this, something deep in your soul resonates with these words.


Episode 19 - Shifting My Perspective on Body Image After Double Mastectomy/Explanting
2020 Sep 1815m 33s
In this episode, I discuss how I've embraced my new body now that I'm completely flat. It's actually made me feel MORE feminine and I'll tell you why, how you can change your perspective with your own body, understanding that beauty comes from within and so much more!
Episode 18 - How Tarot Cards Can Be Used As Meditation Portals
2020 Aug 1245m 4s
In this episode, I sit down with Inbaal, an extremely gifted Psychic based in London. She explains in detail how we can take our meditation practice to the next level by using a Tarot deck. Originally from Israel, Inbaal takes us through her amazing journey on how she even got into Tarot, what her favorite cards are, the difference between some of the most popular cards and of course, opening the cards as meditation portals.
Episode 17 - If You Feel Like You're Going Crazy, You May Just Be Upleveling
2020 Aug 049m 50s
In this episode, I discuss what it feels like when you're spiritually upleveling. I share how I've been upleveling myself over this past month and I'm not even done yet. It may feel like the world is crumbling around you, you're losing your footing and quite possibly going crazy but if you just hold out a little longer, lean into the uncomfortability and reflect, it will be 100% worth it.
Episode 16 - The Spiritual Side of my Explant Journey & How I Healed Myself
2020 Jul 1621m 5s
In this episode, I share how my explant surgery went, how I'm feeling after and how I was able to heal myself in many ways while the implants were still affecting my body. I discuss how I took detailed tests with a naturopath during the time that I was sick from the implants and then again right before my surgery to document how I was able to decrease most of my levels that were abnormal through my own spiritual healing. I hope this episode empowers you and makes you realize that you too can heal yourself!
Episode 15 - Revitalizing Your Health With Sound Healing
2020 Jun 2541m 40s
In this episode, I'm joined with certified Sound Healer, Vocalist and Multi-Instrumental, Composer and season Performer, Lynda Arnold. Lynda is someone I've known for a long time and has personally helped me heal my body after major surgery. We discuss how sound healing and our own voice can heal us from a cellular and spiritual level. She fills us in how sound healing actually works, how you can do it at home without any instruments and we discuss how much of an positive impact meditating with sound has on us.
Episode 14 - Empowering Your Life By Following Synchronicities
2020 Jun 1738m 9s
In this episode, I'm joined with owner of 1111 Collection, Erin Waters. As someone who owns a jewelry company based on the power of synchronicities, she's the perfect expert to discuss repeating numbers, signs, dreams and messages from the Universe. She'll share her inspiring story on how she came up with the idea to start her business and how to follow the synchronicities in your life. She empowers us with life advice that will open your eyes and make you think differently about your path.
Episode 13 - How Settling Impacts You At A Soul Level
2020 Jun 0421m 44s
Did you know that the act of settling can carry over from lifetime to lifetime? In this episode, I explain why you are not meant to settle, how you may be settling because of a past life experience, how to identify any areas of your life where you may be settling and how to make sure these patterns don't continue on into our next life. I also share the difference between having a preference and having an intention and how clarifying the two will make it completely change your standards and how you look at your future.
Episode 12 - Transitioning From a 3D to 5D Earth
2020 May 2851m 28s
In this episode, I'm joined by Galactic Starseed, Captain Cosmic. She explains everything we need to know about 3D and 5D reality. You'll be able to find out which one you're living in, what the difference between the two are, how you can raise your vibration, shift into a more collective frequency of love and so much more!
Episode 11 - My Decision To Explant
2020 May 2130m 38s
In this episode, I share all about my decision to undergo explant surgery. In Oct 2019 I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. In Nov 2019, I had a double mastectomy with implant reconstruction. I explain how I started to develop Breast Implant Illness a month and a half after surgery, how I healed most of it spiritually, what new implant problems have come up since then and why I know that explanting and potentially being "flat" is the most empowering, healthy, energetically aligned path I can take right now.
Episode 10 - The Spiritual Side of Boundaries: How Boundaries Can Impact Our Chakras
2020 May 1530m 40s
In this episode, I'm joined with Self-Love coach, Dr. Caroline Iscovitz to discuss boundaries from a spiritual perspective. Did you know that boundaries can actually affect our Chakras? We'll share why unhealthy boundaries affect our chakras, tips on how you can start setting your own healthy boundaries right now and I reveal which chakra that I find is the most commonly blocked in the souls that I work with. Healthy boundaries = healthy energy centers!!