Research for What?
  • Rom Bouveret
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Hello and welcome to Research for What? The podcast that discusses scientific research, its purpose and impact. I am your host Rom Bouveret. 


Each week I will interview recognised thought leaders who share the same passion for science and research and invest their energy, time or money!!


We will talk about the challenges and opportunities for research. I am also very keen to find out how experts define impact and what methods are used to measure impact. Every week, I will ask the question: Research for what?

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How to Maximise Research Impact?
2020 Sep 1855m 51s
How can researchers boost their scientific discoveries for the benefit of our broader society?
What are accelerators and should you join one? with Hamish Hawthorn
2020 Aug 3032m 9s
Since Y Combinator was created in 2005, start-up accelerators are booming and competing to attract founders and researchers alike. But what are accelerators and should you join one?
Philanthropy and Research - trust, honesty and communication - with Anna Guillan Founder of NELUNE Foundation
2020 Aug 1638m 47s
How can researchers connect with philanthropists and supporters?
Confluence of interests to translate research ideas into products - with Vijay Sivaraman
2020 Aug 0234m 22s
In this week’s episode of Research for What?, I talk with Vijay Sivaraman - leader in Software Defined Networking and Professor of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.
How to spiral a start-up into a unicorn? With angel-investor and tech-entrepreneur Alan Jones
2020 Jul 1945m 1s
In this episode, I talk with Alan Jones - an angel investor, tech-entrepreneur and mentor. Alan has worked as an entrepreneur-in-residence with accelerator programs like Startmate, muru-D and BlueChilli and is currently working for the Remarkable accelerator program which helps develop disability tech start-ups.
From research lab in Australia to start-up in the US - with Maryam Parviz
2020 Jul 0535m 57s
In this episode of Research for What?, I speak with Maryam Parviz, Founder and CEO of SDIP-Innovations.
Minister of Research for What? Hon Jillian Skinner, fmr NSW Minister for Medical Research and Minister for Health
2020 Jun 2135m 54s
In this episode, I speak with Hon Jillian Skinner, first stand-alone Minister for Medical Research in NSW from 2011 to 2015 and Minister for Health between 2011 and 2017. Mrs Skinner is one of Australia’s most experienced politicians in Health and Medical Research.
Science and Engineering for NSW Prosperity and beyond - Prof Hugh Durrant-Whyte, NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer
2020 Jun 1333m 53s
In this episode I speak with NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer Prof Durrant-Whyte, who explains his role.
Defence Research for What?
2020 Jun 0727m 31s
Listen to the first, officially ‘UNCLASSIFIED’, episode of Research for What? .
"No shortage of capital for good ideas!"
2020 May 2520m 29s
This week I spoke with Ben Apted, Senior Partner at SPP, an independent and general management consultant firm in Melbourne. Ben’s expertise and work are unique and probably unknown from most researchers. Ben offers insights on how consultant firms like SPP can help researchers by facilitating conversations between researchers and investors. Ben and his team can help a) make a case for research to raise funding; b) identify the market and applications to translate research; and c) quantify and qualify impact (that has happened, short term or in the future) largely to facilitate conversations with investors