Wind Breaker with Sarah Sloan
  • Sarah Sloan
20 episodes
Hello, I'm Sarah Sloan, and I love podcasts so I decided to make one. Just like breaking wind is shocking, uncomfortable, and thrilling, this podcast is as well. All topics are on the table as long as they are interesting. My experience with two semesters of student radio during college prepared me for the wild west of podcasting. For questions, comments, or concerns email


19. RNC, DNC, VP & All the Letters
2020 Aug 3058m 13s
Sarah and her father talk politics.
18. Jonathan Sloan: Chill Conversation
2020 Jul 1354m 11s
Sit back and relax while Sarah and her dearest brother converse about various topics. If you listen you will enjoy. If you enjoy you will grow facial hair.
17. Why do women have to shave their armpit hair and 5 ways to save toilet paper
2020 May 1755m 42s
Sarah and her dearest father discuss:
16. My Letter to Planet Fitness, Standing Desks, and Don’t Buy A Pet
2020 Apr 3036m 31s
Sarah Sloan discusses said topics with her wonderful sister:
15. Your Emails, New Apple Products, Animal Crossing, and SNL at Home
2020 Apr 2331m 31s
Sarah Sloan discusses said topics:
14. Does it stink to be a high school senior during coronavirus?
2020 Apr 1646m 56s
Sarah Sloan talks with her dear friend Elizabeth Troutman who is a high school senior in Florida. They discuss what it’s like in Florida with the coronavirus, being a senior, choosing a college, and the presidential election.
13. Deeper thoughts on Coronavirus
2020 Apr 1148m 48s
Sarah and her dear father talk with a friend about Coronavirus and how it is affecting the US.
12. Job Interview Tips and Tricks with the Sis
2020 Mar 2153m 45s
Sarah and her dear sister discuss job interviews and give tips and tricks on how to land that job! They also role play an interview with common interview questions.
11. The Democratic Debate Cut The Cheese and Your Emails
2020 Mar 1835m 46s
Sarah and her dearest father discuss the democratic debate that took place on March 15, 2020 on CNN. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders battle it out but who can take on President Trump? Also, Sarah reads your emails.
10. The Coronavirus Panic-demic
2020 Mar 1430m 59s
Sarah Sloan and her dearest father discuss the coronavirus.