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BroConvo Podcast Episode 3.0 - Uber AI Just the tip
2019 Aug 2042m 25s
We talk AI and its future, Keanu's John Wick training, Fluffy's stories as an Uber Driver, and much more,
BroConvo Podcast Episode 2.0 - Shooting Yetis and Raiding Area 51
2019 Aug 2032m 11s
Dizzy Dez makes his BroConvo debut.  We shoot yetis, talk about the area51 meme, talk about that time Mythbusters accidently shot a cannon ball through someone's house, we were blessed with a Dizzy Dez Review of Tin Roof, the Whilhelm Scream, and much more.
BroConvo Podcast Episode 1.0 - Alien Shark Eggs
2019 Aug 2053m 52s
The story of Macabre Ross, shark eggs Fluffy's super awesome super power, phobias, super natural experiences, Banksy and much more.
BroConvo Podcast Episode 0.9 - Tibetan Sky Sausage
2019 Aug 2056m 54s
Testing out our new studio and talking about topics such as Corned Beef Brisket sausage, Tibetan sky funerals, child celebrities and how tall they are, and many more.