SUCCESS...It Is What It Is! with Robert Vasquez
  • Robert Vasquez
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A podcast about inspiration and motivation through conversation. You may or may not like the answer, but when it comes to Success, It Is What It Is. Email:


...Smoothing Out The Table Cloth of Life
2020 Sep 1726m 44s
In this episode, I discuss what it means when we have those wrinkles in our tablecloth in life and what needs to be done to smooth them out.  It can be an easy process or it can be a difficult one depending on how hard those wrinkles are set in.  So join me for this table talk and let's get these wrinkles out of this crazy thing we call life!
...Just Go Inside!!
2020 Aug 2425m 38s
In this episode, I try to touch on what it means to be in the storm, whatever that may be in life, and what it takes to get out of it.  It's a hard process because everyone's storm is different and is the approach to it is very different.  But in any storm, you can get out of it...just go inside.
...Show The World Your Fireworks Display
2020 Jul 038m 42s
In this short bonus episode, I want to convey the message of what it means to show the world the beauty of your own personal fireworks display.  The beautiful display of what you make out of life.  No matter what that may look like or how big it may be, it will make everyone sit up and take notice.  The best part is that it will make people smile and make the world a beautiful place.  Wishing everyone a safe and Happy 4th of July!!
..."There is a Mexican In Your Front Yard"
2020 Jul 0242m 30s
In this episode, I take the podcast to a direction that I never wanted to take it.  However, there was an "incident".  Join me as I describe this "incident" to you and the direction it takes the mindset and what I do to come out of this struggle of something that was difficult to talk about.  We live in a beautiful world and it is up to each of us to keep it that way, even if we cross paths with those who think differently.  If you have any comments or feedback for me on this episode, please email me at  I would absolutely love to hear from you.
A Conversation with Chris Swan, "The California Kid"
2020 Jun 272h 26s
Welcome to Season 2 of the the Success Podcast!!  In this episode, I sit down with a former student of mine whom I have dubbed "The California Kid", Mr. Chris Swan.  This episode was a great one!! We sit down and reflect on the beginnings of student/teacher to now of a true friendship, discuss his upbringings and what has made him into the man that he is today.  He discusses what drives him, what fuels him and what makes him sit up and take notice when there is change needed in his life.  From the old generation in myself to the new generation that is Mr. Swan, now it is his turn to pass on his wisdom and knowledge to the upcoming generation.  Join us as we discuss what could be next and what needs to be done in this ever changing world as this episode was fire!!  Check it out!!
...You Are Only As Good As Your Negative Feedback
2020 Jun 0732m 13s
On this episode, I talk about the receiving of my first negative e-mail.  What was my next move and what did I think about as I read the words across the screen?  Negative into a Positive...Negative into a Positive...oh how difficult it is.  Here is my response to that email.  I hope you enjoy!!
....Speaking on Successful Quotes
2020 Jun 0420m 54s
On this episode, I give you my take on just what is a successful quote and what do they mean to us?  Do they actually work?  Have we taken the time to really look at them and see how quotes apply to us in our life when we decide to use them?  I decided to tackle the question on this episode.  I hope you will enjoy this one.  I had a great time on it.
A Conversation with Lori Bell, CEO
2020 May 301h 5m 23s
In this episode, I get to sit down with the CEO of Lori Bell Custom Spray Tanning, Mrs. Lori Bell.  We talk about her 15 years of being a hairstylist and how that led her to walk away from behind the chair and into the business of spray tanning.  Her passion and emotion come out in this episode and is full of inspiration.  She is a true force to be reckoned with in this industry.  Sit back and enjoy because this episode was fire!
....From The Mind of A First Grader
2020 May 2716m 11s
In this episode, I discuss something that I heard my youngest son say , who just completed kindergarten and is now in the first grade.  His thoughtful insight to what he just accomplished had me reeling and my mind going.  Join me as I discuss this thought and where it takes.  Hope you enjoy!!
A Short Talk about Course Correcting
2020 May 1918m 33s
In this episode, I go back and revisit a line that my good friend Cleat Bell mentioned on Episode 2.  Course correcting...what does it mean?  It's my take on those two words and just a bit on how I feel about it.  It may be right or it might be wrong, but its just my opinion on it.  Hope you enjoy!