Nifty Gadgets for Family Bikers
  • Nicole Harkin
11 episodes
Host Nicole Harkin interviews family bikers from around the country, learning about their best tips and tricks and about the products that make family biking easier. Nicole is the founder of the DC Family Biking Facebook page with more than 2,500 members. She bikes with her two sons and sometimes with her husband too. "Dad's not that into family biking."


Holly Harper - Rad Wagon Hacker
2020 Apr 3017m 26s
Holly Harper is a strategic marketing consultant, working under her brand - Blue Bike Communications. Known as your marketing Mary Poppins, Holly understands, creates systems for, and implements marketing campaigns for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Blue Bike is named for Holly’s 2010 Fiji hybrid, the inspiration for going out on her own as a consultant. Now she’s the proud owner of a 2018 RadWagon. Recently, Holly was participating in the #TheFrontStepsProject and #FrontPorchDC - a bike-powered photography tour during this insane pandemic. She was taking pictures of families on their DC rowhouses front porches and steps. She uses her Rad Wagon like a car riding about 100 miles a month for all the daily living stuff.
John - Xtracycle Rider
2020 Apr 1320m 48s
John is a global nomad who has lost track of the number of different places that have been called home over the years.  He and his family reside in Guatemala and spend as much time as possible on two wheels.
Dianna Douglas and Zion's Suffragists
2020 Apr 0710m 36s
I chatted with Dianna Douglas outside with her bike. The audio quality isn't the best, but the conversation is a blast!
Matt from
2020 Mar 3123m 11s
Matt is a retired engineer, current full time dad. He's been biking for transport for decades now in cities all over the country. These days you'll find him riding his kids around his small PA town in a Madsen bucket bike and blogging about biking and other ways to save energy and money at
Montana Harkin on Nifty Gadgets for Family Bikers
2020 Mar 2417m 46s
Montana Harkin is a father of two and a Software Engineer in Seattle. He is married to his partner, Erin. Montana is an avid cyclist, skier, and bike mechanic. Montana works on Amazon Photos, building ”delightful” experiences for customers. Pro tip: Amazon Prime comes with unlimited photo storage.
Tom Bridge
2020 Mar 1016m 50s
Tom chats with Nicole about his work on the local Bicycling Advisory Council and biking in DC generally. More info can be found here:
Katherine White
2020 Feb 1125m 2s
Katherine and her crew have two bikes: Tern GSD and her first love, the Babocity Mountain.
Jake Mello - Fixie with Thule Cadence!
2020 Feb 0411m 46s
Jake and his family make getting outside on their bikes easy. Jake rides his fixie and they use the Chariot with their boys in the trailer.
Jeff Morrow - Workcycle Family Biker
2020 Jan 3015m 33s
Jeff chatted with me outside, so the audio isn't 100%. I still think Jeff had a ton of great ideas!
Michael Mintz - Spicy Curry Rider
2020 Jan 2913m 5s
Michael and his family ride a Yuba Spicy Curry.