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MCM CommerceChat, where we explore all aspects of direct-to-customer commerce. Hear from key thought leaders on eCommerce, Operations and Fulfillment, and Marketing, as well as new technologies and trends that shape the industry going forward.


Of Content Fraud, Consumers and COVID-19
2020 Jul 3014m 34s
Digital fraudsters are nothing if not opportunistic, and the current pandemic is an excellent example. Many reports from consultants and researchers talk of increasing scams and tricks, and “content fraud” is on the rise. Jeff Sakasegawa, a trust and safety architect at fraud prevention firm Sift, talks about the problem and his findings.
How Will USPS Policy Changes Impact Shippers and the Agency Itself?
2020 Jul 2013m 26s
What do major changes at USPS mean for thousands of businesses that rely on it daily for parcel delivery, as well as giants like UPS, FedEx and Amazon? How will these changes affect SLAs and CSAT? We discuss these issues with Cathy Roberson, founder and president of Logistics Trends and Insights on our latest MCM podcast.
Microbrowsers and “Dark Social” and the Implications for Brand Marketers
2020 Jul 0819m 46s
Understanding microbrowser traffic and its relationship to social can help correlate where conversions are really coming from, enabling marketing spend to be adjusted accordingly for better ROI. Jason Khoury, head of corporate marketing at Cloudinary, talks about how brands can tap the power of microbrowser traffic.
Coming EU VAT Updates and Their Impact, Explained
2020 Jun 3026m 32s
The European Union is making sweeping updates to how retailers need to calculate Value-Added Tax (VAT) when selling goods into its member countries, effective July 1, 2021. Peter Boerhof, EU VAT director for Vertex, explains the various changes and their significance, and the impact for companies selling goods into Europe.
Squaring the Circle of Retail Sales Gains and Massive Job Loss
2020 Jun 2516m 58s
As consumer spending dwindles, retail chains struggle and bankruptcy filings mount up. Yet retail and food sales rose a record 17.7% in May, and discount chains are flourishing. How do we account for this? Brett Rose, founder and CEO of United National Consumer Suppliers, shares his thoughts in this MCM CommerceChat podcast.
Test – video podcast
2020 Jun 1721m 38s
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Warehouse Exchange Cuts a Different Path in Warehouse on Demand Space
2020 Jun 1024m 49s
Warehouse Exchange uses Artificial Intelligence to match up owners of available commercial space -- not including 3PLs -- with those needing it on a short-term basis, averaging 10 to 11 months. The company just closed a $2.2 million seed funding round. CEO Grant Langston talks about the company and its differentiators.
Will the Rush to E-Grocery Recede or Stick After the COVID-19 Crisis?
2020 Jun 0523m 35s
With states reopening for business, experts wonder how grocers will continue to adapt, and how ingrained online buying patterns will be. Jon Hauptmann, Senior Director of Retail Pricing and Analytics Solutions at Inmar Intelligence, discusses Inmar's recent survey findings and what's next in this MCM CommerceChat podcast.
The Significance of Shops for Facebook, Sellers, Ecommerce
2020 May 2924m 14s
What is the potential for Facebook Shops? Could it be looking beyond transactions to a WeChat scenario creating a total consumer experience? In this MCM CommerceChat podcast, Andrea Szasz, a principal analyst at Kearney, talks about Facebook's initiative and how it fits into the bigger picture of ecommerce in the COVID-19 era.
Breaking Down the Retail Bankruptcy and Restructuring Process
2020 May 1422m 5s
What should the growing number of retailers weighing bankruptcy be considering, and what kinds of restructuring plans should they set up? Attorney Thomas Wolford, a partner with Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg, gives us an insider's look at what goes on from filing through re-emergence in this MCM CommerceChat podcast.