A QUIET WORD... Conversations About Men's Health
  • Henri Rennie
25 episodes
Author Henri Rennie demystifies the medical and technical jargon that prevents many men from fully understanding their health issues, and gives tips on the action required for BUILDING BETTER BLOKES!


The Right Doctor
2019 Oct 048m 38s
Do you need to find a new GP?  You've changed address, or your old doctor has moved on somehow, or you're just not happy with your current one.  What should you look for?  What is THE most important factor in deciding who's right for taking responsibility for your health?
What's In It For You? Reading Food Labels
2019 Sep 278m 8s
Most processed foods have important information on their packaging or label.  (If they don't, they should, and you're probably better off avoiding them!)  But not many people really know what to look for when deciding if a product is actually good for them.  Here are some tips and clues.
The EYES Have It!
2019 Sep 209m
A lot of the 'task' of seeing is controlled by the muscles of the eyes.  And like all your muscles, they need exercise.  Are you treating your eyes well, or are you falling into the trap that all too many people are in?
2019 Sep 067m 26s
The term "work-life balance" carries a real depth of meaning when you realise that some people's commitment to their jobs cost them their lives.  The Japanese have a word for 'death by overwork', and laws about it.  But really, it's a danger that you ultimately are responsible for protecting yourself from.
Supplementary Myths
2019 Aug 3012m 27s
Vitamins and nutritional supplements are big business, and as with many big businesses, there is a lot of misinformation, doubt and concern out there.  Some of it is justified, some less so.  This podcast examines some common myths about nutritional supplements, and looks at some facts behind them.
2019 Aug 237m 49s
The sheer volume of bad news in the media - social and public - can be overwhelming.  It's all too easy to take the negatives to heart, and lose sight of the good in the world.  The actions of a few can profoundly affect our attitudes to many in a community, or profession, or race.  That's not healthy for us - physically, socially or psychologically.
2019 Aug 169m 34s
You know how important your heart is.  And you know heart disease is depressingly common.  But did you know what the source of a lot of that heart disease is, and what simple things you can do to protect yourself?
2019 Aug 098m 27s
It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter - too much UV radiation from the sun will do you damage.  Here's some information about your skin, and what can happen to it if you don't take enough care.
2019 Aug 029m 54s
Did you know laughter is one of the best (and easiest) things you can do for your own health?  And you don't need comedy - Intentional Laughter is a really powerful tool you can use to improve your life!
2019 Jul 266m 44s
That unsightly red growth that's sometimes called a 'gin blossom' - it's not what a lot of people think it is.  And it's nothing to laugh about, or at!