• Ben Ruvo
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College athletes have a lot on their plate — maintaining good grades, making it to early-morning practices, traveling to games, attempting to have a social life. Amidst it all, mental health often gets forgotten. Ben and Max Ruvo want to change that. After fighting their own battles with anxiety and depression, the two college athletes are looking to change the way mental health is addressed in highly competitive athletic spaces. Join them for an ongoing Q&A series featuring fellow athletes, coaches, and offering advice for young people battling similar challenges.


Washington State Baseball Alumni talks Performance Anxiety and his Yoga Awakening
2020 Sep 2754m 8s
Washington State Baseball Alumni Paul Clingan joins the Ruvo Brothers in a candid conversation about Performance Anxiety and Mental Health. Paul's whole life he was a gifted athlete. From a young age he would excel in backyard sports with his buddies and that eventually led to a strong high school baseball career as a catcher. But what happens when you leave that small pond and you join an elite college baseball team? Interested in learning more about Paul's story? Hear more about Paul's athletic experience and his journey through yoga and fitness as a career path now!
Life Coach Nick Tillia Talks Performance Anxiety and Self Identity
2020 Sep 2035m 44s
Next on the Line-Up, Max and Ben welcome Life coach Nick Tillia! Nick discusses his journey to becoming a life coach and all the challenges he had to face along the way. He talks separating yourself from your sport, performance anxiety and societal norms. You don’t want to miss this!
Student Athlete Ewan Temple Discuss his Fitness Journey and Relationship with Food
2020 Sep 1330m 7s
Washington College Lacrosse Player Ewan Temple joins Max and Ben to discuss his fitness journey! He takes a deep dive into an athletes relationship with food and how it can affect one's mental health. Ewan made major changes in his life, listen to this week's podcast to hear more!
Jacksonville Baseball Alumni Evan Fernandez talks injury and his experiences is college baseball
2020 Sep 0641m 54s
Evan Fernandez, Jacksonville Baseball Alumni, joins Max and Ben to discuss his baseball journey. He talks through his experiences of injury and one event that almost took his life. Stay tuned!
LRT Sports Founder Keirsten Sires Talks College Recruiting and the Importance of a Strong Player Coach Relationship
2020 Aug 3038m 48s
Keirsten Sires, Founder of LRT Sports and alumni of Skidmore College, joins Ben and Max to talk about her College Recruiting business and her unconventional college athletic career. She emphasizes a strong relationship with your coach and the importance of having some background information before you commit to a school. She explains how your relationship with your coach can have an impact on your mental health and how to know when it is time to hang up the cleats. Sound intriguing? Listen to the episode to hear more!!
Minus Cloud Nine Founder Charlotte Robinson Combines Her Two Passions to Make a Change in How the World Perceives Mental Health
2020 Aug 1629m 44s
Charlotte Robinson, founder of a mental health advocacy organization in the United Kingdom called Minus Cloud Nine, comes on the show to discuss her initiative and what lead her to this passion. On this episode she preaches the benefits of a well-rounded life making sure to take care of both physical and mental health.
University of Denver Gymnast Alexis Vasquez Discusses Her Journey Through her Gymnastics Career and the Concept of Perfectionism
2020 Aug 0924m 58s
Alexis Vasquez joins Max and Ben to discuss her gymnastics journey specifically with the national team and transitioning to the division one level. She goes into detail on the concept of perfectionism in sports and how it is not a realistic reality. Sometimes it is okay to take a step back.
Stevie Ward, Captain of Leeds Rugby League Team, talks Mantality and his mental health journey amidst injury
2020 Aug 0235m 28s
Stevie Ward joins Ben and Max for a candid conversation on Mantality, a men’s mental health organization that Stevie founded, and how Injury affects your mental wellness. Stevie has done revolutionary work in the mental health space in the UK and in his sport and looks to keep that growing.
Adam Klink Talks Mentality and How to Take your Training to the Next Level
2020 Jul 2638m 2s
Adam Klink, a Rutger Soccer Alumni and Cross-fit Athlete/Trainer, comes on the show to discuss the mentality of training. He takes a deep dive into the mental challenges of being an athlete and how to take your game to the next level. Recently completing the Dave Castro challenge, Adam understands what it takes to be at peak performance. He also touches upon self identity and sport along with the mental struggles that come with injury.
A Conversation with, UMBC Baseball Alumni, Ryan Sliwak on PTSD, Depression, Substance Abuse, and Coping Mechanisms.
2020 Jul 2353m 52s
Ryan Sliwak, a UMBC baseball alumni and Ph.D. Psych student at Seton Hall, comes on the show and joins Ben and Max in a candid conversation on his experiences with trauma, depression, and substance abuse. Ryan was just a young boy when his dad passed away due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Little did he know that this event would cause him extreme trauma that he would have to deal with later in life. Baseball was always an outlet for him to shine and excel, but what happens when that outlet starts becoming part of the issue? Hear more about it on this week's episode of The Line-Up!