• Ved Mehta and Priyam Marik
12 episodes
Kolkata-boy Priyam is now studying in the UK. He calls and re-connects with his old college friend and co-debater, Ved, who works back in India. In the many conversations that ensue, the two of them discuss an eclectic range of social and philosophical issues and try to make sense of themselves and the world around them in a series of impromptu phone calls.


What's the 'great' deal? (Conversation on greatness)
2020 Aug 0335m 18s
The quarantine has seen many new content creators come to life, all competing for internet attention, and that prompts the thought- what makes something great? Priyam identifies checkpoints for greatness, and Ved questions society's constructs on fame as a prerequisite, as the duo go deep into what makes things endure, whether great works are ever even spotted, and a lot more!
Peddlers in Politics
2020 Jul 2740m 35s
The U.S. elections are all over the news, and Priyam updates Ved on the latest, while analyzing the curious phenomenon of populism in our times. The duo discuss the reasons for populism, the people who practice it and their attitudes and techniques.
Two Peas in a Political Pod? (Indira Gandhi v Narendra Modi)
2020 Jul 1243m 16s
As the 45th anniversary of the Emergency in India approaches, the duo compare and contrast the tenures of Indira Gandhi and Narendra Modi as prime ministers of India, exploring the similarities and the differences- both political and personal- that underpin the regimes of two of India's most recognizable leaders.
What's In A Memory?
2020 Jul 1242m 37s
It's Ved's birthday! Priyam calls him and the two friends discuss the artificiality of celebrations, how people choose to remember people and events, the tools of social remembrance, the culture of pulling down statues, what statues represent, the formation of society's intuition and it's imagination of the future, and a whole lot more...
The Conundrum of Choice
2020 Jul 1245m 23s
Post the lockdown, going out to earn or staying safe at home is a dilemma many are facing. That thought sparks a discussion on choice, and the duo dissect the paradigm of choice and how the decisions that we make relate to the ideas of agency, technology, and the market, and if people today actually have as much freedom to choose as they think they do.
Understanding the Media Mess (How the Media today can shape up)
2020 Jul 1244m 22s
Ved and Priyam dissect the fault lines permeating the media industry, from print to broadcast to digital outlets, analysing how structural issues can be addressed in the fourth estate through different methods and motivations.
The Paradox of Progress- Is Humanity progressing or not?
2020 Jul 1243m 57s
How do we know we have progressed? Are quantifiable indicators enough, or do we look at changes around us? Ved mentions changes the Covid-19 quarantine has brought in the scenes before his eyes, making Priyam wonder whether progress is visibly made on social levels. That takes the duo's conversation into how people should judge and define progress and they pose and answer new questions- How is the Chinese path to progress different from the American one? How does the media's role shape our perceptions of progress? How does the time period of comparison matter? Is all positive change progress? Are we heading towards a world that's better, or one that's worse? All this, and much more!
The Myths that Make Us (The essence of Mahabharata, Hinduism, Bible, Greek tragedies, and more)
2020 Jul 1241m 20s
The recently re-aired Mahabharata series in India has led to many new interpretations of the Hindu text it is based on. Ved mentions his ire at people misinterpreting the symbolism in it, and Priyam responds by analyzing how the three fundamental mythical structures- Greek, Biblical and Hindu, govern our worldview. The duo question the identity of what is seen as 'Hindu', delve into how the three schools of thought influence our understanding of good and evil, revenge and reformation, growth and glory and scrutinize the three schools of thought. They question- what is said in these myths about fulfilling and responsible living? The passionate conversation crisscrosses across personal thought, lesser=known historical facts,  intriguing literary analyses of myths and much more!
How Much Love Does Man Require- Part 2
2020 Jul 1234m 18s
Following on from the last episode, this week, the duo explores the ideologies surrounding unrequited love, the awkwardness around romance and in romances, the stigma prevalent in society regarding discussions on sex and related activities, and a whole lot more!
The Corona Conversation- Community, Conspiracy, Cerebration
2020 Jul 1251m 37s
In the midst of the global home-quarantine, Priyam and Ved re-connect after a long time. Ved tells Priyam what Calcutta looks like under the lock-down in India and his take on it, to which Priyam explains how the pandemic has affected his immediate surroundings in the UK, and the philosophical questions it has prompted in him. The duo launch into a detailed discussion on how the global leadership has responded to COVID-19, the possibility of a Chinese century arising out of it, what a post-pandemic world would look like, a bit of what they would have it look like, and a lot more!