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Temple Sports Podcast


Episode 17: Will Cummings
2020 Sep 2240m 50s
Former Temple Owl Will Cummings joins us to talk about his 4 years a Temple and his travels overseas playing professionally.
Episode 16: the Jonas episode
2020 Sep 181h 44s
Me and my buddy Jonas go through the years of where Temple basketball went wrong
Episode 15
2020 Sep 1121m 6s
Hicks commits, football game is moved back and owls make the NFL
Episode 14: Brandon Williams
2020 Aug 2727m 39s
Philly Pride AAU coach Brandon Williams joins me to talk Zach Hicks and Temple recruiting
Episode 13
2020 Aug 0817m 5s
Big basketball recruiting news and plenty of football news
Episode 12: Stephen Dwa
2020 Jul 3052m 22s
Founder of What You Expect comes on the pod and we talk about temple basketball and foootball (and some of our glory days on temples campus)
Episode 11: Austin Cox
2020 Jul 2229m 2s
American Athletic Conference analyst Austin Cox joins the pod to talk about corona and the upcoming football season, how temple should look, and the conference outlook.
Episode 10: What did you expect?
2020 Jul 1715m 15s
Update on sporting events, recruiting for football and basketball, and a big announcement for the Pod
Episode 9: Recruiting updates
2020 Jul 1113m 54s
Catch up on some basketball and football recruiting
Episode 8: James McHale and Cole Boozer
2020 Jun 2626m 57s
Former Temple football players James McHale and Cole Boozer (of the Bucs and XFL) join and talk about their playing days at temple