• Nidhal McCormick
16 episodes
This podcast will be a place where women are empowered to discover our true worth beyond what society has told us is important and encourages us to thrive as a whole and healed person in a world that celebrates brokenness. We will discuss various topics like identity, faith, relationships and practical ways to thrive in our careers, families and love!.


Practical Faith: How to Read the Bible
2020 Jun 1533m
In this episode, we discuss how to navigate the bible to get the most out of it and share some tips for effectively starting in the word.
Practical Faith: How To Pray
2020 May 2142m 49s
In this episode, I am joined by Russell McMahon and Christina Assaf as we discuss what an effective prayer life looks like and how to pray. You get to hear a male and female perspective on prayer. what the bible says and how to easily incorporate prayer into your life.
Practical Faith: Hearing from God
2020 May 111h 3m
This Practical Faith Series will focus on how to incorporate practical steps into your life to encounter God. Part 1 is the "Hearing From God" episode where special guest Franki Desaro, co-founder of the non-profit organization Light to Earth joins me as we discuss God's desire to communicate with us, how He speaks and how we can begin to hear from Him. Franki and I share personal stories of our faith journey.
Victory Over Fear: How I Won the War Against Fear, Anxiety & Panic Disorder
2019 Dec 0323m 37s
Fear, Anxiety and Pain are all prevalent issues in our world today. I share my personal story with these conditions and discuss how I used God's Word to fight against these and win.
Thriving After Loss
2019 Nov 1319m 51s
In this episode, I discuss the last moments that I had with Matt before he passed away. I also discuss the road to healing and the choice that I had to make to thrive after a devastating loss and how you can too. Thriving after painful loss is about hope, choice and perspective. For photos or to download the e-book called Chasing Hope: Encouragement for Those Who Suffer Loss, please visit www.beyondthebooty.com
Insider Interview Tips: What Hiring Managers Don't Want You to Know
2019 Nov 0821m 30s
In this episode, we discuss 12 tips that could make or break your interview from a hiring manager's perspective. Knowing the thought process of the hiring manager could give you an edge on your competition. These items could be the difference between you landing your dream job or being taken out of the running!
Is God Even Real?
2019 Nov 0611m 25s
In this episode, we will walk through some of the encounters throughout my life that brought me to the conclusion that God is real. I discuss a miracle with a Christmas tree, a healing miracle, and more. If you are unsure about God, grew up in an empty religion, or are simply curious about Jesus, take a listen!
Our Body is Our Temple
2019 Oct 281h 4m 35s
Our bodies are a temple and taking care of them shouldn't be optional. I went from a very unhealthy existence of being sick, tired and out of shape to getting in the best shape and health of my life! I share parts of my own personal story with weight and fitness on this episode and have before and after pics on my blog at www.beyondthebooty.com. I have special guest, Russ McMahon who is a certified personal trainer with over 11 years in the fitness industry who will share lots of tips about health and fitness. We discuss five areas that you can start making small changes in now to start a lifestyle of health and wholeness.
The Bondage of Religion, The Freedom of Faith
2019 Oct 2223m 17s
In this episode I discuss my own personal experience as an immigrant who grew up in the Catholic Religion and the negative impact that that had on me. I further discuss the path to faith after having a real encounter with Jesus and what that has done to reshape my life.
Relationship Goals: 10 Tips for a Healthy Relationship
2019 Oct 1413m 12s
Blog Post: Relationship Goals, Ten Tips for a Healthy Relationship. In this episode, I will discuss ten key tips (that are tried and true) for a healthier relationship. Realtionships are not easy and being whole and healthy as an individual is a crucial first step. If you have failed at relationships or if you are in a happy one, these tips are for you.