• Daniel Copping
6 episodes
The Film and Television industry is built upon telling stories and creating worlds to entertain, educate, and inform. But these on-screen worlds come at a cost for the real world, and historically these productions have had major negative implications on the environment.

Screening Green explores the impact productions have had, and the ways in which we are working now, and can improve moving forward, to minimise this effect on the environment.

Featuring interviews from leaders in sustainability and production, join us as we provide criticism of past practice, insights into current practice, and action we all need to take moving forward to reach this goal.


Episode 6 – Looking to the Future
2020 May 2514m 52s
In the final episode of Screening Green, we look to the future, and explore the next steps for the industry. Join us as we discuss the larger scale change needed to achieve a truly sustainable production industry of the future, and the ways we can really have a major positive impact on the environment moving forward.
Episode 5 – Sustainable Storytelling
2020 May 2512m 39s
The worlds we create on the screen can influence the audience to act and think differently, so let’s harness that power and promote environmental sustainability to our viewers! In this episode, we explore the power of on-screen storytelling, and the importance of using the screen to promote changes in the general public.
Episode 4 – Fighting for the Future
2020 May 2513m 27s
Changing habits and attitudes isn’t easy. In this episode we explore the issues faced when trying to be more sustainable, and the ways that people can overcome some of these hurdles. We also explore the issues with some current sustainable measures in the long term, and how we can develop these moving forward.
Episode 3 – Purifying Production
2020 May 2514m 59s
How can YOU make your productions more sustainable? In this episode, we explore the top tips for achieving a sustainable production, with easy measures everyone can take to lower their environmental impact, as well as examples of this being done on real examples from industry leaders.
Episode 2 – The Carbon Cost of the Camera
2020 May 2513m 28s
What has been the historical impact of the media production industry? In this episode, we look at the ways in which the production industry has had a negative impact on the environment, and how we have already started to see changes in the industry to try address this.
Episode 1 – Our Planet, Our Problem
2020 May 2514m 54s
An exploration of the state of the environment now, and the impact humans have, as well as insights into sustainability in our day to day lives, and action being taken across the globe by businesses and governments to achieve a sustainable future.