• Bad Hembra
4 episodes
In a relationship with...economic advancement for the minority, under-privileged communities of America. Interested in provoking your thoughts.


Sorry I'm A Champion (Step 1. Career Advancement)
2019 Oct 2132m 1s
Episode 1 of the Life Coaching Series
Walk It Like I Talk It
2019 Sep 2816m 2s
Leave your insecurities at the door.
The "Ape Shit" Approach
2018 Jul 1927m 23s
A quick update on the status of this podcast. My views on comfort zones, fears, valuing your time and living your dream life. I used a new recording app so if sound quality blows on this it is what it is. Deal with it...or don't..idc :D
Cardi B's Engagement Ring Cost What???!!!
2017 Dec 2250m 18s
Tune in to hear us analyze engagement ring cost in a way you'd never expect!! We promise you will walk away with some very valuable information.