• Joshua Pelletier
12 episodes
Connecting God to the outside world.


Beauty and the Beast
2020 Jul 1032m 57s
Humbleness, redemption, and the ACT of true love. All this in more in this weeks episode!
Little Women
2020 Jul 1027m 1s
The book and all of its various adaptations
Just Mercy
2020 Jun 2629m 38s
Things are never easy or black and white.
Shrek the Musical
2020 Jun 2622m 21s
"Alway be you!"
2020 Jun 1229m 59s
The play staring Jimmy Stewart
Knives Out
2020 Jun 0636m 49s
This episode also (tries) to encompass todays social issues
The Book of Eli
2020 Jun 0221m 50s
The movie the Book of Eli
Lion, Witch, & Wardrobe
2020 May 2223m 29s
This is about the book, play, and moviessssss yes plural
seek2find TAG
2020 May 1535m 41s
The movie TAG's connection to community
Harry Potter
2020 May 0830m 22s
Harry Potter