• Dj Crushindo
40 episodes
"They told me life is what you make it, so what you been creating on your free time." (Big K.r.i.t)


Cleaning the house
2020 Jul 2945m 11s
picture 74/365 After hours
Organic Numbers
2020 Jun 031h 28s
All Larry june mix
Stuck in House
2020 Jun 0155m 36s
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Land of the Lost
2020 Feb 1622m 55s
Yookie & Hekler - Wraith
Dj Crushindo - Treat yo self
2019 Aug 0132m
Axwell - nobody else (A-trak remix)
The Resistance
2019 Apr 2628m 50s
Brohug - Charlie
The Ballad of a cis gender
2019 Apr 1232m 54s
The ballad of gay tony theme (downtemo mix)
A Deadpool playlist
2019 Jan 3028m 20s
Trivecta - Axis
Sip on Hot Chocolate
2018 Sep 2128m 48s
Experienced best with some Hot Chocolate
Quest for the AllSpark
2018 Sep 1228m 25s
Doctor P - Sombody scream