Not Just A Hashtag
  • Nicole Escobar
30 episodes
Statistics tell us that we all know someone who has experienced some form of sexual abuse. Our team of survivors, mental health counselors and trauma-informed workers tackle a topic that has finally become de-stigmatized through the #MeToo movement. These women—a team of survivors and passionate fighters—have all had their own lives colored and shaped by sexual abuse in some way, and are working tirelessly to protect children and to support those who have been sexually abused. They believe hope is real and that every story matters. Support this podcast:


SZN 2 Episode 11: A Review of the Cuties Movie on Netflix and Sexual Abuse Prevention Tips
2020 Sep 2444m 13s
In episode 11, host Nicole Escobar is joined by Victims Advocate, Holly, from Victim Services in Palm Beach. Together they take an honest look at the newly released Netflix movie, Cuties. Besides the apparent over-sexualization of young girls, the team looks at how this movie can be used as a tool to teach parents on how to prevent sexual abuse! Boundaries are a vital part of teaching the younger generation about self-worth, self-respect, and self-protection through a clear understanding of what constitutes appropriate vs. inappropriate behavior. How can we teach our children to feel empowered to protect themselves when they see a clear violation of body safety boundaries in the media? Films like Cuties, songs like Cardi B’s “WAP,” and so many other examples in today’s culture are driving the standard of acceptable content and sexual behavior lower and lower. If you are concerned about how to start the conversation with your child or teen on body safety and body empowerment, then this is the episode for you!
SZN 2 Episode 10: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.
2020 Aug 2745m 43s
Our thoughts are powerful! Most of us know this. But many times, we continue with the same thinking patterns even though they get us frustrated, discouraged and sometimes feeling stuck. Join Nicole Escobar and mental health counselor, Kristan Torres, as we show you some dysfunctional patterns of thinking and then some ways to combat or change these patterns so you can get unstuck, and start thinking thoughts that are more accurate and truthful about yourself and your life. What a difference this can make.
SZN 2 Episode 9: Why Victims Don’t Report Sexual Abuse and Delayed Reporting Options
2020 Jul 3050m 21s
In this episode, the team looks at the eye-opening statistic that 66% of sexual abuse cases go completely unreported. Often, the victim fears the perpetrator, or they are embarrassed and ashamed and believe the lie that what happened was their fault. In addition, many victims do not view their abuse as a crime and fear that law enforcement will not do anything to help them. Many survivors report these feelings, while those who were sexually abused by a family member or a trusted individual - a teacher, pastor, a coach, or other leader - struggle with strong mixed emotions and may be confused about how they feel towards their abuser. Many survivors do not know that, even if they did not report the abuse when it first happened (no matter the reason), they still have options to report it weeks, months or years later. Dig with us in this episode into the importance of identifying and reporting abuse as an important step on the healing journey.
SZN 2 Episode 8: Anxiety, Mental Health, and Sexual Abuse
2020 Jun 301h 6m 53s
In this episode, Kristan, our mental health counselor, helps us understand depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues. It is one thing to deal with normal life stress, but when you add in a pandemic, interruption to daily life, and a loss of income, anxiety may not be far behind. Anxiety can be summed up as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome — and that’s exactly what we’re dealing with when it comes to COVID-19 and the civil unrest in our nation. If you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, this episode is for you!
SZN 2 Episode 7: Seven Practical Steps to a Happier Life
2020 Jun 0447m 44s
This week the team looks at ways to help you move forward successfully on your healing journey. Life sometimes doesn’t go as planned - plans change, pandemics happen, injustices spark something in us that cannot be silenced. It’s been well said that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Having the right reactions lead to happiness and the wrong reactions lead to anxiety, worry, and fear. In this episode, the team covers 7 practical steps to live a happier life, which include taking walks, acts of kindness, and having a heart of gratitude. And while good habits can lead to a happier life, the team points to the ultimate giver of peace and joy. When your worldview gets clouded by trials, anxiety, and fears where do you turn?
SZN 2 Episode 6: How a Pandemic Increases Vulnerabilities for Sexual Violence
2020 May 121h 6m 1s
In “normal” times, the prevalence of sexual assault in our society is astoundingly high. We know that at some point in their lifetimes, one in three girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused. Yet, despite the numbers, sexual abuse is known to be the single most under-reported crime in the United States and throughout the world. Only 12 percent of child sexual abuse is ever reported to the authorities. During and following a pandemic like COVID-19, it is likely that there is an increase in the perpetration of sexual assaults, but a decrease in reporting even more than during times when conditions for reporting are optimal. In this episode, the team discusses how a pandemic can increase vulnerabilities in children and the elderly, as well as intimate partner violence. Although the problem is very real, the team provides you with practical ways that you can help these vulnerable people groups. You can be someone's shelter in the midst of the storm.
SZN 2 Episode 5: Creating a System to Help You Heal
2020 Apr 151h 3m 2s
In this episode, the team discusses life, wisdom, and what they have learned during COVID-19. They also tackle how important it is to have inner strength when life feels uncertain. What does inner strength look like for you? The systems we create enable habits that support our goals and create inner strength. If you have a goal of healing from sexual abuse, you don’t want to miss this episode!
SZN 2 Episode 4: How To Start By Believing
2020 Mar 2456m 31s
In this episode, we have special guest Holly Carotenuto, who is a Sexual Assault Outreach Coordinator at the Palm Beach County Victim Services. She shares with us about the Start By Believing Campaign, which is a public awareness campaign launched by End Violence Against Women International in April 2011. It was created to end the cycle of silence and change the way society responds to sexual assault. Start by Believing reaches friends and family members, as well as professionals who interact with sexual assault survivors. You don't want to miss this eye-opening episode that tackles how changing the response to a disclosure of sexual assault/abuse by expressing belief and support, rather than doubt, shame, or blame can change the trajectory of a victims life.
SZN 2 Episode 3: Why You Need a Personal Mission Statement
2020 Mar 1043m 44s
In this episode, the team looks at why survivors need a personal mission statement and how powerful writing one can be to give your life purpose and direction. You don’t have to be in a leadership role for this info to apply to you. Actually, we are all leaders in some way. Leadership doesn’t mean a title, it simply means being a person of influence. If you are a survivor, you have the great opportunity to educate parents or other adults on how to prevent sexual abuse from happening to their families. You also are a voice for other survivors who haven’t found their voice yet. These two roles are the greatest responsibilities we as survivors have.
SZN 2 Episode 2: Separating Sexual Abuse Myths From Facts
2020 Feb 2537m 13s
In this episode, the team dispells several sexual abuse myths that are toxic and victim-blaming. Once a survivor is able to see that the lies they have believed about their sexual abuse, their role, and their abuser, a survivor will be better prepared to appropriate the blame off themselves and onto their abuser. No matter what they said about you, how your body responded, or what you told yourself after the abuse, the team here to encourage you that it was never your fault! Knowing the truth about this type of traumatic experience is the first step to finding freedom. Separating myths from facts is critical to stopping sexual abuse and for a survivor to get the proper healing they need.