The Cassettes: Radio Hour
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5 episodes
Washington, D.C.'s premiere Vaudeville-Western-Steampunk band monthly podcast. Programme 1 broadcasts their entire debut album in a classic 1940s radio style. Bluegrass, country, showtunes, rock n' roll, indie rock and more! Later podcasts feature interviews and other live performances and musical explorations of the band's archives.


Radio Hour 5 (April 2007)
2007 Nov 27
The 5th installment of The Cassettes podcast! Post Winter 2006 tour after 5 weeks across the United States of America. This podcast features tales, readings, and music from the many bands The Cassettes crossed paths with. It also contains a...
Radio Hour 4 (February 2007)
2007 Mar 01
The 4th installment of The Cassettes podcast! A special "tourcast" edition whilst the band is on tour. This 4th installment of The Cassettes Radio Hour captures the band in the midst of their travels and includes a live acoustic performance...
Radio Hour 3 (December 2006)
2006 Dec 02
The third montly podcast by Washington, D.C.'s vaudeville-steampunks The Cassettes. Home from their Fall 2006 tour, The Cassettes speak of the open road and broadcast songs of bands that they shared the stage with including: Mod Wheel Mood, Keith John...
Radio Hour 2 (November 2006)
2006 Nov 07
The second The CassettesĀ® Radio Hour podcast containing a Live Italian Radio performance and interview in 2003. Recorded in between their 2006 US tour supporting their album ""Neath The Pale Moon" (Buddyhead Records).
'Neath The Pale Moon
2006 Oct 10
Download The Cassettes Radio Hour podcast programme 1, containing the entire album 'Neath the Pale Moon in the vintage radio style!