The MLM Project!!!
  • Godfrey English
18 episodes
Covid 19 hit & with my only income as a door to door salesperson about to disappear, I decided to join an MLM Company, only thing is I'm only using the internet, I'm not talking to friends and family and I'm documenting everything, 6 figures is the goal and this is my story!!!


How To Double Your Income Incrementally!
2020 Sep 2316m 11s
Today`s episode takes a different approach taken from a facebook live recently done it shows a great example of how income can be increased with the right amount of effort and with increasing skills and experiences how it can reflect in your income..
Discovering Your Inner SuperPower πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ
2020 Sep 167m 58s
Inside each of us lies abilities and talents that only each individual can extract uniquely, as humans we have similar traits and sometimes beliefs, but we are all still unique in our own way, and that uniqueness used right can become our greatest...
How to choose the right Platform To attract your target Audience? πŸ™Š
2020 Sep 098m 6s
This episode almost didn't happen, battling within myself I almost threw in the Towel, Today's episode is raw, honest and to the point, and also discover the best way to find your voice and what platform to use to get your message out there..
How to Recruit leaders in MLM online? πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
2020 Sep 0211m 48s
Recruiting leaders in any business usually comes with it's fair share of challenges, especially when it comes to Network Marketing, Leaders are what build successful organizations and are the best at duplication, In today's episode discover how to...
Why you shouldn't let anyone join your Downline... Eps 14
2020 Aug 268m 49s
We often wonder why we don't have the same drive to win in our Network Marketing business as when we did when we joined our opportunity, often times it's not your fault, sometimes just being surrounded by a network of Lukewarm uninspired individuals...
Haters hate but prove them wrong Eps 13
2020 Aug 193m 37s
Today's episode is coming live from Puerto Vallarta Mexico, chilling and the beach and thinking back to 6 months ago when my life was turned upside down, no money, no job and a whole lot to figure out, now I'm on vacation and living my best life...
How change your life in 6 months? Exclusive Interview With Dylan Stewart 😎
2020 Aug 1237m 31s
Sometimes old heads come on young shoulders and in today's episode it's definitely the case.Join us on this exclusive interview with Dylan Stewart as he shares his amazing story of how he went from being a door sales person to Building a 500 person...
How My Wife went From Banker to MLM'er πŸ™Š
2020 Aug 0529m 53s
On today's Episode learn of how my wife completely transformed her mindset from employee to Entrepreneur and what was the biggest lessons she learned from becoming a Network Marketer..Grab your FREE resource here πŸ‘‡[Β ]...
Is Now the Right time To start A Business? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ eps10
2020 Jul 296m 34s
Now more than ever its important to know your next steps, so many people are paralyzed by the pandemic and it may seem like it`s not the time to invest in your idea or businessin today`s episode discover the answer and you be the judge!Grab your FREE...
From Chef πŸ”ͺ To Top Income Earner πŸ’° Ft. [ Gordon Attard ] eps 9
2020 Jul 2237m 11s
In today's Episode I'm Joined by former Chef Gordon Attard all the way from Malta πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ή, from being $10k in debt, clocking 70+ hrs a week, to becoming a Network Marketing Superstar..Β Tune in as he shares his biggest challenges and learn how he got to...