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Weekly church sermons from St Barnabas Anglican Church, Fendalton, Christchurch


Missions Near and Far - Joanna Frampton
2020 Sep 1913m 12s
Today we have special guest Joanna Frampton (St Christopher's, Avonhead - and member of our very own Antioch) speaking to us about overseas mission. Hear about Joanna's time in PNG and be encouraged as to how we can support CMS mission partners near and far.
Christ Offers Unshakable Hope - Canon Mark Chamberlain
2020 Sep 1316m 17s
Today hope is in short supply especially in our age of disasters, badly behaved leaders and a global pandemic and yet hope is indispensable for human flourishing. Jesus Christ offers us all hope that cannot be taken away – it is like an anchor that keeps us safe amid the storms that assail us.
Family Feuds - Rev. Jenny Wilkens
2020 Sep 0516m 23s
Family feuds - families and church families have them! How do we deal with conflict with members of our church family? It's not easy but Jesus promises to be with us as we do this sacred work.
The Church – pew warming or transforming community? - Canon Mark Chamberlain
2020 Sep 0515m 29s
Jesus Christ the divine Son of God shared our humanity and showed us how to be fully human and fully alive. We are now called to grow to become more like Jesus and thereby to flourish more fully as human beings. Church is therefore an exciting place of transformation and hope.
The question of all questions – Who is Jesus? - Canon Mark Chamberlain
2020 Aug 2218m 19s
Jesus took his disciples to a place dominated by polytheism to ask them who he thought he was. Peter didn’t answer “I think you are the Son of God,” he said “You are the Son of the living God.” Peter is declaring that Jesus has no rival – he is unique. How would you answer this question and are you living according to your answer?
Who do you think you are? - Rev. Jenny Wilkens
2020 Aug 2215m 5s
Jesus and Simon Peter tackle questions of identity.
Outsiders are Insiders - Rev. Jenny Wilkens
2020 Aug 1516m 58s
How does Jesus respond to a woman he sees as a foreigner? She persists in asking for help for her daughter who needs healing.
Stay engaged with God, the Church and one another - Canon Mark Chamberlain
2020 Aug 1516m 3s
The Canaanite woman showed great perseverance in staying engaged with Jesus in spite of push backs. She also displayed great insight in wanting the blessings of Israel to spill over toward her – a gentile. Nothing is gained by disengaging – hang in there with your questions and frustrations and you will grow through them.
Finding your purpose in life - Canon Mark Chamberlain
2020 Aug 0816m 43s
Elijah was running for his life thinking that the whole of God’s purposes relied on him and he’d failed. However God spoke to him in ‘the sound of sheer silence’, renewed his calling and helped him realise there were many others who had not compromised their faith. What is your ‘Why?’ in life? Discovering it will keep you motivated and humble!
Telling it like it is - Rev. Jenny Wilkens
2020 Aug 0815m 2s
Elijah and Peter both find it's okay to be real before God.