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The ND Democracy Community is a grassroots movement committed to an intentionally mindful citizen and legislative Constitutional engagement. The NDDC will work to preserve the Constitutional Powers held by the People of North Dakota! VOTE!!!


Conversation with Legalize ND Leader David Stuart Owen
2020 Feb 1549m 14s
Conversation with David Stuart Owen, Chair of Legalize ND, reflecting on the marijuana decriminalization movement in North Dakota. Will the current Citizen-Led Referendum Petition secure the needed signatures to get on the 2020 general election ballot in November? David expresses his theories about the Direct-Democracy process unique to ND and the 2018 Measure I Constitutional Amendment ratified by the Voters.
The Beginning of a Journey - A People Power Preservation Movement
2020 Jan 071h 19m 6s
A pro-democracy activist is born! This episode is dedicated to the birth of the North Dakota Constitution and a celebration of 130 years. The Citizens of ND hold a powerful check and balance initiative process for Direct Democracy to respond to either the action or inaction of the ND Legislative body which, serves at the will of the People. The early framers saw fit to embed this power early on; currently, the Citizen Initiative process is being Constitutionally challenged by a super majority of the 66th Legislative Session. This movement is a continuation of a personal and ND community commitment to preserving the People's Constitutional Direct Democracy.
LIVE LAUNCH: Carrying Forward the Movement
2019 May 1647m 11s
We held a live screening of Unbreaking America featuring Jennifer Lawrence and RepresentUS at the Fargo Downtown Library, and then discussed it in relation to the status of Article XIV in the ND Legislature.