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Medicine on Call w/ Dr. Elaina George offers real-world solutions in restoring the doctor patient relationship, cutting through the red tape of government.


Medicare Suffers Rampant Fraud as Senior Citizens Bear Brunt of Cut-Rate Care
2020 Feb 0847m 32s
Failing government Medicaid system continues tradition of substandard care & overcharging as Democrats promise single-payer expansion unto Medicare for All by abolishing all private insurance.
Transgender Industry Manipulating Patients for Profit and Social Engineering?
2020 Feb 0148m 22s
Big money is flowing into the transgender industry, but are those who purport to help trans patients motivated by a sinister agenda of social engineering?
Health Care Costs Distorted by Government
2020 Jan 1846m 49s
Cui bono, i.e. to whom's benefit is the perfect question to ask when it comes to uncovering the truth behind ever-increasing costs of health care.
Social Issues Impacting Doctor Patient Relationship? Dr. Mike Chupp Interview
2019 Dec 2151m 53s
Social issues are creeping into health care, what does this mean for doctor & patient relationship? Mike Chupp MD, joins Dr. George on this week's show.
The Effects of Wireless Devices on Children
2019 Dec 1450m 3s
Are we exposing our children to dangers we can't see? Today Theodora Scarato joins Dr. George to discuss the effects of wireless devices on your family.
Future of Healthcare Portends Privacy & Cost Concerns
2019 Dec 0748m 41s
Doctors Singleton and George continue their discussion surrounding the future of healthcare, concentrating on privacy concerns and rising costs.
How Safe is the Medication Being Prescribed Today?
2019 Nov 3050m 1s
Healthcare costs are on the rise & the U.S. is looking to China to cut the price of medications. Today Dr. George talks to Rosemary Gibson about the medication supply line.
Is Left-Wing Politics Designed to Hand Absolute Power to the Elites?
2019 Nov 2352m 4s
Media Projects an Illusion of  Normalcy When Democrats Hold the Presidency. Matthew Vadum joins Dr. George to discuss the power struggle in politics.
Exposing the Myths on Vaping E-Cigarettes
2019 Nov 1651m 25s
What are some of the consequences of vaping e-cigarettes? Today Dr. Mark Olfert joins Dr. George to discuss the dangers of vaping.
The Health Implications of 5G Wireless Networks
2019 Nov 09
Are wireless companies overlooking the dangers of new technology to keep up with market demand? Theodora Scarato joins Dr. George to discuss the dangers of 5G wireless technology.