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Episode 25: The End of an Era
2018 Jun 0545m 34s
R.I.P! It’s the end of Maddie and Emma’s reign over The Dish empire. But fear not, next year’s co-hosts, Ashley and Brooke, come on as guests for the last episode to assure everyone that it’s all going to be alright. In the last episode of the season, we went live on the radio at KBVR FM to dish out the latest summer fashion trends and of course, talk a lot about the Kardashians.
Episode 24: A Radioactive Dish
2018 May 2756m 24s
The blinds are closed, the hosts have taken their iodine pills, Maddie and Emma are ready to face the nuclear winter. Despite having little knowledge about nuclear disasters besides Wikipedia, Maddie is here to educate you on everything there is to be known about the two most dangerous nuclear disasters to ever happen. We also discuss the best new drag queen competition show, Dragula, as well as bring back an old classic game. Stayed tuned for episode 25, the season finale and the last episode with Maddie and Emma next week.
Episode 23: More Introductions
2018 May 2254m 22s
Soon, The Dish dynasty will hand the crown over to two new lovely queens, but not before Maddie and Emma rant about the outdoors and technology some more. Today we interview Brooke and Ashley, the hosts of the next season of The Dish. We talk about our favorite things and also pretty much give them a job interview on air. Will they be up to snuff? Let us know on Twitter!
Episode 22: All About Doggos
2018 May 1545m 45s
What is the one thing that Maddie and Emma can’t stop talking about besides the Kardashians? I’ll give you a hint, it has four legs and is the cutest thing on the entire planet. It’s dogs! Today we go into the history of dog fighting, dog breeding, and the myths about pitbulls. We also have our first ever lightning interview section, where we bring on many different guests for quick, 3 question interviews to find out absolutely nothing about them.
Episode 21: A Meta Podcast
2018 May 081h 3m 39s
Honestly, do you expect any less that a podcast about podcasts from us? Today we go deep into the history of podcasts and recommend our favorites to you (besides The Dish of course). We also talk to Kate Brown, our honorary sister, all about her first year at Oregon State and enything else that comes to mind.
Episode 20: A Surprise Guest?!
2018 May 0150m 37s
Ranting, raving and bringing in special mystery guests? The Dish just keeps getting more and more interesting. Listen to us as we dig deeper into the Kardashian empire, take a fresh look on the Kanye controversy, and our amazing doggo, Roland. We also talk a lot about mental health for mental health awareness month and of course, get sidetracked a lot.
Episode 19: Memetics
2018 Apr 241h 8m
Who wants to know about the history of memes from the meme queen herself? Nobody? Okay, guess it’s time to talk to nobody but our parents once again. Our longest episode thus far, Maddie and Emma go deep into memetics, more drag culture, and a heated debate on Disneyland. We also talk to a few members of Divine, Oregon State’s all female acapella group. We talk about their involvement as well as get into some strange questions likely to end in a restraining order that keeps us from being near the MU steps every Friday at 5pm.
Episode 18: Master the Art of Party Hosting
2018 Apr 1747m 26s
Everybody has their dream wedding, right? What about a dream party? Maddie and Emma are here to help you up your party game 300 times. We go deep into the magical art of entertaining guests and how to get everyone out when you’re tired and you want to go to sleep. We also talk about how livestrong bracelets will never run out and that they should really put corn in Yum bowls for the spring. just an idea Cafe Yum, just an idea.
The Dish Episode 17: A Long Winded History
2018 Apr 1047m 57s
The Dish is back for our season three premiere. Today we somehow talk more about Rupaul’s Drag Race as well as give you an unabridged history of the Kardashian empire. Maybe now you’ll have a little backstory when we go on rants about Khloe or Caitlyn. We also talk to Maddie Bradshaw, the Editor in Chief of our parent magazine, Beaver’s Digest. We discuss the latest issue and get a little off track in the process.
The Dish Episode 16: Back to the Basics
2018 Mar 1353m 28s
In our season 2 finale, Maddie and Emma bring us back to their favorite topic of all time, the one they’ve talked about in every Dish episode thus far, drag. We bring Lex Dewey Porter into the studio to talk about Fabulex Makeup and her drag persona, Carmen Sutra. We also discuss the pros and cons of Bumble, daylight savings time, and even more Netflix shows as always. We will be back in a few weeks with season 3, so stay tuned.